Interviewing with Home Instead

What to expect and our tips to make sure you get the best out of your interview with Home Instead when you apply to be a Care Professional.

Once you’ve successfully applied for a role with Home Instead the next step on the journey is likely to be an interview.  This may be face to face, by video conference or by phone but no matter the format there are a few keys to success.  Here are some of our suggestions to make the most of the opportunity.

What to wear?

Our Care Professionals spend their time providing care in the homes of our clients and so our rule of thumb is to wear what you’d expect to wear when seeing a client.  We’re not looking for a suit just something smart, that gives a good first impression and that you’re comfortable in.

When to arrive?

In Home Care being on time is really important.  If successful you’ll be visiting clients throughout the area so you’ll need to be organised and punctual.  Make sure that before your interview you’ve confirmed the location, date and time and aim to be there 15 minutes early.  That way you’ve got some wiggle room if you do get delayed and if you are early we’ll have a cup of tea or coffee waiting for you.

How to prepare?

There’s a couple of things to bear in mind here.  First of all we don’t need you to have care experience.  We want kind, compassionate people who want to do something that helps their community.  If that’s you it will shine through in the interview no matter how you’ve prepared.  However, we are interested in why you want to work in care, why you want to work for Home Instead and how we think you’ll get on in the role.  So take a look at our website to learn more about us and think about some of your past experience that may make you a great carer.

What to ask?

The interview is as much about you checking us out as us deciding on you.  Make sure to take the opportunity to get any unanswered questions answered, there really is nothing that you should feel unsure about by the end of the interview.

We’ll be in touch after the interview to let you know how you got on and the next steps for your career in care.  If you want to start that journey now, please apply using the link below.