Exercise and wellness activities for seniors in Belfast

There are many health benefits to exercise, no matter what age you are. We have found some activities around Belfast which benefit older people.

The Gym

A number of gyms around the city have a range of senior activities. From fitness classes to organised activity sessions, such as badminton, tennis or walking football. Further information can be found on the gym’s website along with a timetable for each activity.

Some gyms include; Olympia Leisure Centre, Andersontown Leisure Centre, Shankill Leisure Centre and Ballysillan Leisure Centre.


This activity is mainly played by the older generation and can be played to a grand old age. Not only exercise, bowls can provide a great social scene for those who attend and many have function rooms which cater to group interactions. It can be played indoors- ideal for Belfast weather.

There are a number of Bowling Clubs around Belfast; Balmoral Bowling Club, Shaftesbury Bowling Club, Divis Bowling Club, Ewart’s Bowling Club to name a few.


This activity can provide exercise and also mental stimulation for elderly people. “Cuppa Tea and Yarn Knitting” is a group that can be found on Facebook. They usually meet in Caffè Nero at Forestside shopping centre fortnightly on Tuesdays at 7.30pm. Other locations are mentioned on their Facebook page.