Best Places in Belfast for an Ulster Fry

Nothing can beat a fry-up as a weekend treat! Here are some of the places we found for a tasty Ulster fry.

Maggie Mays, Stanmillis Road

This restaurant is famous for their Ulster fry- we salute anyone who can finish this huge dish that includes a portion of chips. Maggie Mays also offer a vegetarian fry which has great reviews- something for everyone!

Peppercorn Cafe, Woodstock Road

This cafe offers a wide selection of breakfast goods, advertising with no microwave in sight. They also have a few options for an Ulster fry from a mini fry to a “belly buster”- depending how hungry you are.

Harlem Cafe

We have already mentioned this cafe in our best brunch spots, however, it has to be mentioned again as it boasts of a tasty Ulster fry. The wheaten-bread toast is made freshly by the Head Chef each day, how could you resist!

Slim's Kitchen

If you would love an Ulster fry without the guilt- Slim’s Kitchen is the place for you. This healthy restaurant offer high protein and low calorie meals, which still taste great.