Dementia Café in Barnsley: BIADS

For this year’s #AlzheimersAwarenessMonth, we're spotlighting local Barnsley charity, BIADS.

BIADS is a Barnsley charity, created by Barnsley people. Standing for ‘Barnsley Independent Alzheimer’s and Dementia Support’, the organisation offers invaluable support, advice and community outreach to people diagnosed with dementia, as well as to their family and carers.

As a charity that specialises in dementia, they are particular experts who are a great contact to have to be able to signpost, help or guide people in their dementia. Their support ranges from dementia cafes, carer support and dementia training for local businesses or organisations wanting to upskill their staff.

BIADS Day Centre

The Day Centre at BIADS is truly at the heart of everything they do. Here, opportunities are endless for people living with dementia, and each week is promised to be different to the next.

Activities can range from reminiscence work, exercise, crafts, baking, dancing and so much more – all accompanied with a meal, too. This is all in the aid of promoting mental stimulation and independence.

The rooms at BIADS were all decorated with the aim of feeling like a ‘second home’, decked out with a non-alcoholic bar area (fitted by the local Nando’s team), TV, jukebox and even a piano. It really does feel like going down to the local pub for their members.

The Day Centre is open Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 4:30pm. To get involved, you can get in touch with the BIADS team on 01226 280 057 to arrange your free first visit, discuss costs and go from there!

The Day Centre is the only element of BIADS’ work that requires customers to pay. To find out more on their free-of-charge events such as their walking group, circle dancing, and other coffee mornings, you can find their online calendar here – you’ll see that there is something going on almost every day, they even have a gym!

Carer Support Group

BIADS’ Carer Support Group are a listening ear to anyone struggling to cope for their loved one with dementia. Not only that, but it’s a great place to meet other people in the same position, learn more about dementia experiences and share your own findings too.

As so much is unknown about the disease, talking about dementia proves to be crucial. Additionally, it often helps the carers at BIADS to learn more, too, and further support the community.

The carer support group takes place at the same time as many of the dementia groups, enabling carers to let their loved ones go to their events whilst they go to the support group just a room away.

Find out more about the carer support group via the calendar here.

Dementia Training

In addition to all of their community events and support, BIADS also offer dementia training to local businesses and organisations. In the aim of making Barnsley more dementia-friendly, this training is crucial to enabling people to be more understanding of people living with dementia, making spaces like shops, cafes and offices safer.

If you’re interested in learning more about how your staff could be more dementia aware, you can get in touch with the BIADS team on 01226 280 057 or email [email protected]

The only conditions to getting involved at BIADS is that you must have a dementia diagnosis and be registered with a GP in Barnsley. If you’d like to learn more, BIADS can offer a free meeting, home visit or telephone call to discuss further.

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