Scam Proofing Workshops to Protect Our Elderly

Local at-home care provider, Home Instead, has partnered with national scam awareness charity, Think Jessica, to launch a public education programme to raise awareness of mass market scams and provide tips and advice to educate individuals on how to protect themselves from falling victim to this abuse.

As part of the campaign, the team at Home Instead in Aylesbury, has partnered with the Alzheimer’s Society to talk to visitors of their Dementia Cafes in Aylesbury and Buckingham. The workshops enabled Home Instead to share information with attendees on the scale of the problem and the most common scams targeting the elderly, as well as what to do if they have fallen victim to scammers.

Organiser of the workshops, Lee Harrington, was delighted with the positive feedback he received from the fraud workshops. Comments included, “I had no idea how complex these scams were”, “I will be very careful with my personal details in the future, thank you so much for sharing this information”, and “I believe I have something like this mail arrive today, thank goodness you told me about this.”

Lee commented, “Scams defrauded individuals in the UK of an estimated £3.5 billion each year and have very serious consequences for the elderly who can suffer devastating emotional distress plus loss of confidence and trust which can lead to a loss of independence. The sad thing is that much of this could be avoided with better awareness and education and this is what I intend to do.

“In addition to our workshops, we have also launched our ‘Senior Fraud Protection Kit’ which contains information on the most common scams, tools to help assess the risk of an elderly loved one, plus really useful checklists to help seniors take practical action to lower the risk of becoming a victim of a scam.”

Lee is planning further workshops in the upcoming months, which will be available to all members of the public.

For information regarding the workshops or the ‘Senior Fraud Protection Kit’, please call 01844 202778 or visit