Mary's story

Mary's story
Mary's story


For too many years Mary had been 'managing' by herself. Fiercely independent she was just about making it through each day. Her daughter had tried many times to persuade Mary to get someone to help her with a bit of companionship, some home help, just a friendly face popping in from time to time to check she was okay. Mary point blankly refused. It took a fall and a brief spell in hospital for her poor daughter to decide enough was enough and regardless of mums procrastinations she made enquiries to get some help.

Home Instead came to the rescue in the form of Sue, a fifty something local lady who lived round the corner from Mary. Sue's gently and patient nature matched her perfectly with Mary's reluctance. Sue visited

Mary twice a week for a number of weeks gently breaking down barriers that Mary had so fervently put up. Each visited Sue made, Mary unveiled a small piece of herself. Although her short-term memory was starting to fail her, Mary's recollections of wartime and rationing were still so vivid. During one of their chats, Mary revealed that she had won several awards for her ballroom dancing in her youth and even had a few trophies buried deep in the back of a cupboard somewhere.

"If I'm going again next week, I’ll need to have my hair done!" ~ Mary

Knowing the area, Sue suggested they attend a Tea dance in the hall round the corner one Thursday, hoping to generate some enthusiasm. Mary wasn't keen. Each time the dance was mentioned, it fell on deaf ears! Until one day Mary, reluctantly, agreed to give it a try - just this once!

Mary was in a particularly bad mood that day and sat at the edge of the dance floor, stony faced throughout, and peering over her frown every so often to observe what was going on.

Sue had started to question if this had been a good idea.

After returning Mary home, Sue put on her coat to leave and as she got to the door, Mary looked up at Sue and said, "If I'm going again next week, I’ll need to have my hair done!"

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Mary now has her hair done every week, like she used to, in anticipation of Thursday. And with Sue's help, she's has new dresses, and a comfy pair of shoes to dance in - well you can't Waltz in slippers can you!!