Finding the best care in Thame and Aylesbury

Trying to find a care provider can be challenging especially where a family has no previous experience and when everything in the news is about poor care providers.

Most would maybe start by looking at the Care Quality Commission (CQC) website and agency reports or asking a trusted source such as the family doctor or an older law solicitor.

Laing Buisson, healthcare intelligence experts have tried to make this process easier by producing a quarterly league table which serves as a vital reference point for the care sector, helping people identify the best providers. 

The most recent results have just been published and Home Instead have been named as England’s No1 at home care provider for seniors, which has been the case now for over year.

Our main focus is to provide matched continuity for the family and the individual themselves as many families say their number one consideration by far, is not to have rushed visits and in a lot of instances having no time to complete basic tasks. Our 1 hour minimum call means that time for companionship is always a given. 

If you find yourself searching for care we have put together a quick telephone checklist for you as follows:

Did you get through quickly and easily to the right person?

Is the organisation CQC registered?

Do you like the sound of their Registered Care Manager (remember this person is a vital link to the success of the care provided)?

Will they come out to visit you / family?

Will they offer you specific time slots (especially if medication is required or a trip to the doctors or club is a requirement)?

Will they offer small teams to provide your care such as 2-3 caregivers?  

Are the Caregivers local to the Thame and Aylesbury? This often helps if you need additional hours or add hoc hours or even just know that local means that they will be more flexible and able to react quickly!

How are the caregivers trained? Does the training take several days or the bare minimum of a day.

How many references do they have to provide? As a guide we ask for 3 personal and 3 professional references?

Do the Caregivers have a DBS (criminal background check)?

Will the Caregivers always be introduced to you and be knowledgeable of the care requirements?  It is never nice having a stranger turn up and have to explain all the requirements.

Are the Caregivers insured and do they hold Business Class 1 insurance on their car (this is a legal requirement for outings).

Have the caregivers had specialist traing in Dementia, Alzheimers and Parkinsons?

Do the caregivers have the life skills and ability to quickly gain trust and friendhip from the clients?

We hope that if you use the above questions, supplemented with your own, then you will find that Home Instead are unique in providing a high quality service.

If you would like more information on the high quality care and support we provide please call 01844 202778 or 01296 410029