Live Well Your Way - Brochure

with person-centred care in the comfort of your own home

Live Well Your Way

We are delighted to provide bespoke and person-centred care to enable individuals to stay and live in the comfort, security and familiarity of their own home.
One of the things that make us different is that our client visits are a minimum of one hour. Longer visits allow our Care Professionals to provide something much more than services and build meaningful and trusted relationships with our clients.

Reasons why we think longer client visits are important:

Building meaningful and trusted relationships – longer visits can improve the overall quality of care. Therefore the experience for both the client and the care professional becomes more meaningful and personal.

More time for comprehensive care – this can include personal care, home help, medication management and companionship. Some of the things we could assist with are cooking their favourite meal or cooking together, taking clients for walks or doing their favourite activities such as: visiting their favourite restaurant, garden centres and shops. Providing emotional support, in which we believe it can lead to improved emotional well-being.

Improved quality of life – longer visits can lead to better overall well-being, including fewer hospitalisations, improved physical and mental health, reduced chances of depression and social isolation.

We are committed to providing truly person-centred, high-quality care to our clients, and that includes offering 1 hour visit with our Care Professionals. We believe that this approach can improve our client’s quality of life.