Live in Care

What does home mean to you? It is actually much more than we think. Home Instead's live in care helps you stay independent and comfortable at home for longer.

What is it?

Live in Care means having a Care Professional, who is matched with our clients based on their shared interests and personalities, move into the client’s home. They provide companionship and practical support throughout the day, enabling that person to continue living the life they have always known and doing the things they enjoy most in the comfort of their own home. A Care Professional isn’t only a companion but someone who provides comfort and truly person-centred care, someone who becomes a friend, and someone who will establish a strong bond of trust.

Live-in Care is an increasingly popular choice for families who are reassured by the presence of a dedicated and well-matched Care Professional who lives in their loved one’s home and provides support, companionship, and care which is tailored to their needs.

How does it work?

We carefully match you with a handpicked Live in Care Professional. Together, we will design a care plan to set out when we can support you or your loved one and what we can do to help. Living with you, your Live in care professional will help by doing a range of duties including; housework, shopping, cooking, and help with attending social activities, which enables you or your loved one to remain in the safety of your own home, without feeling lonely or isolated.

You, your family, and the Care Professional are supported by a team of care managers who live and work locally to Aylesbury Vale and North East Oxfordshire. This means that we can respond flexibly and responsively if you or your loved one’s needs change.

Considering Live in Care

There are many reasons to consider Live in Care but the most common reasons are:

Long term conditions

Diseases like Parkinson’s require close and careful monitoring. Our Care Professionals are trained to observe any changes to a client’s health, well – being and behaviour, ready to take action if there is ever a cause for concern.

Dementia Care

Live in Care helps clients with dementia by continuing to live in familiar surroundings and maintaining a daily routine. This is much more difficult to achieve if moved into residential care or having hourly visits.

Loss of a partner

The loss of a lifelong partner can have a huge emotional and practical consequence. While the loss of a loved one can never be replaced, our Live – in Care Professionals can give companionship and support in everyday life.

Frailty or an Unexpected illness

Getting older for many reasons means not always being able to do the simple things, which is why our Care Professionals can support you or your loved ones to maintain their independence and quality of life while also being there if there is a need for care.

The Benefits of Live in Care

Live in Care enables you or your loved one to remain in your beloved home while receiving support from a hand-picked and matched Care Professional, somebody who becomes part of the family. Live in Care can also be a more affordable alternative to hourly care or residential care.

For many people who receive care, having continuity of both the environment and the Care Professional is hugely important. When family and friends don’t live nearby or are unable to visit regularly, live-in care gives clients the support they need whether that be companionship or personal care.

Live in Care is highly personalised and helps somebody live on their terms with a routine designed around them, providing meaning and purpose.

Considering Live in Care

Some of the most common situations, conditions, and events where a person can benefit from live-in care are; Parkinson’s, Dementia, fragility, or simply companionship.

Home Instead Aylesbury Vale and North East Oxfordshire will support you with the specific needs of you or your loved ones including personal care, home help, housekeeping, dietary needs, companionship, arranging appointments, doing the weekly shop, and more.

To learn more about live-in care and find out if it would be the right choice for you, get in touch with our team today.

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