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Having a healthy breakfast helps regulate our metabolism, gives us energy and also balances blood sugar.

Malnutrition remains underrated by many of us. As we get older, the risk of malnutrition rises, which can decrease our quality of life. Speaking about the importance of filling our bodies with nutritious food, most older adults are failing to include nutrients in their daily routines. The inability to cook due to decreased mobility, difficulties when chewing, loneliness, loss of appetite, taste and smell are some of the reasons why malnutrition is quite common within the older generation.

We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast literally means “break the fast”, it is the first time of the day when we get the opportunity to nourish and fuel our bodies. Having a healthy breakfast helps regulate our metabolism, gives us energy and also balances blood sugar.

We understand everyone has different dietary requirements and needs. Below you’ll see some fantastic breakfast ideas which are both nutritious and easy to prepare.


Eggs are a great source of protein and choline. Most of the protein is found in the egg white. They are low-carb food that also contains vitamins B, A and D. Despite the fact that they contain saturated fat, they also have polyunsaturated fat and monounsaturated fat, which lower cholesterol and boost the heart health.
Eggs are easy to prepare and you have an option to combine them with different foods. We recommend medium-sized poached or boiled eggs. Scrambled eggs or omelettes are also a great choice when cooked with frying spray. Add a slice of toast and vegetables for a delicious meal.


Yogurt is a rich source of protein and calcium and contains probiotic bacteria that help digestion. Adding honey, berries, protein powder, or nuts can make a great nutritious breakfast to start your day with.

Whole Wheat Toast

Nutritious breakfast option to get your day started, associated with many health benefits. Whole wheat bread boosts heart health, promotes healthy digestion, helps with maintaining a healthy weight and more. There are plenty of toppings that you can add to make a delicious meal. Add smashed avocado, scrambled eggs, fresh fruits, almond butter or sliced banana.

If you’d like to make your morning even brighter, invite a family member or friends for wholewheat pancakes, topped with fruits and yogurt.


Another healthy and filling breakfast to fuel your body. Add a sprinkle of a few chocolate chips, fresh berries, honey or bananas. Mindfully choose toppings high in sugar.

Oats are another nutritious meal, a great source of fibre, proteins and vitamins. They help lower LDL cholesterol levels and they help control type 2 diabetes.

All foods above promote a healthy lifestyle and are easy to prepare. They are rich in vitamins, fibre, proteins, healthy fats and many other nutrients. They can be mixed with honey, nut butter and vegetables for tasty savoury meals. We recommend choosing sugar free and low-fat options.

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