What people are saying about us

A selection of comments from real people
that we have looked after, loved ones
and colleagues

Mrs L – Bagshot Client's Daughter
Home Instead have always been kind and courteous to both myself and my mother. I am impressed with the service and always know if there is a query or problem they will be quick to respond. I find it invaluable, as it allows me to have some free time to myself knowing there is someone looking after and engaging with my elderly mother ’’
Ms SG - Daughter of client in Sunninghill
As a family we wanted to thank Home Instead for providing such a professional and caring service.
Your carers set the standard for how all carers should be and we are so grateful for the kindness and support you give to our mother.
Wishing you all a very happy Christmas.
Mrs D - Sunningdale
Home Instead have been like a breath of fresh air after the other agencies we have tried. They are flexible and helpful and have adapted to provide exactly what we need.
Mrs B - Wife of client in Camberley
I have found the service to be reliable and using very professional and sympathetic staff who build up a good trust with my husband
Mr L - Son of client in Ascot
A thoroughly enjoyable experience to witness the qualities of this company at first hand
Mrs H - Daughter of client in Camberley
All the carers are fantastic and very caring my mum loves them all. I totally trust them all to give the best care and support for my mum. The office management team are in regular contact with me so that any changes can be acted on promptly
Mrs G - Sunningdale
A highly recommended company who will do all to satisfy your needs
Mrs F - Wokingham
Thank you for the help and support *J* receives. We would be very sorry to lose Louise's companionship and the care she gives to her.
Mr W - Chobham
Over the course of the last two years, my mother's care needs have changed significantly. Home Instead Senior Care have been an essential part of that care from the start and have provided excellent care backed up by top-notch customer service; which has adapted and extended easily to meet my mother's changing needs.
Mrs R - Bracknell
I have been very happy with the care received over many years, both in Essex and now in Bracknell
Mrs F - Camberley
I am very satisfied with the care provided and look forward to seeing my companion every week. We always laugh and I enjoy her company.
Mrs P - Chobham
I would happily recommend your services to any of my friends that may need some help
Mrs S - Sunningdale
I can recommend Home Instead Senior Care. Always punctual, always caring & very companionable
Mrs F - Camberley
I have called upon the services of this agency once before in 2014 and again now. I am lacking in confidence when walking in the town and need someone to lean on! I drive my car but feel very wobbly on my feet when I get out of the car. The assurance of someone being with me to help getting up and down kerbs, opening stiff doors etc is most important to me. Everywhere else I manage well.
Mrs S - Camberley
Cannot fault the care and attention given to me. Nothing is too much trouble.
Mrs L - daughter of client in Camberley
My mother was a very independent lady and, with many medical issues, eventually needed help to stay in her flat, determined not to go into a care home. Home Instead have been very efficient and dependable. It was hard for my mother to have people visit her daily at first, but she grew very fond of the carers and we, as a family, felt she was getting companionship as well as daily care for her needs, especially as I don't live locally to Camberley. Home Instead have been there when we needed them the most and I can't thank them enough for their care and kindness (the only thing my mother had a problem with was their bed-making skills!).
Mrs A - Sunninghill
I used Home Instead Senior Care increasingly over many months as my husband's dementia and other disabilities needed more and more care. From the start - and until my husband was admitted to a nursing home - Home Instead Senior Care has been kind, patient, efficient, effective, prompt and helpful. Their carers have been faultless and we became friends so much so that I miss them.
Mrs M - Heatherside
My carer arrived promptly every day. She gave me help where needed. Bathing, clothes, pills, transport to the hospital. She was a cheerful person and we had some great chats. I have missed her and wish her well
Mr C - Camberley
We were very pleased at the prompt response at such short notice. The carer sent was pleasant and very helpful. The whole package was excellent.
Miss W - daughter of client in Ascot
We have had good communication from the office staff. Mum is now cleaner, tidier and the house is too. Mum seems happier and she seems to enjoy her visits from her "friend". And we know someone is keeping and eye on her, which is peace of mind for us
Mrs S - daughter of client in Ascot
Very professional in all areas that I have experienced
Mrs T - daughter of client in Sunningdale
The girls who visit are very tolerant and understanding
Mrs I - Camberley
My carer has become a friend and is capable and caring
Mrs H - daughter of client in Warfield
Lovely carers, we trusted them when family was unable to care for mum at that time. Mum was comfortable and liked all the ladies
Mrs T - Wokingham
It really is a "second mile" care agency with a real concern for the recipients of the care given. Very satisfied indeed
Mrs B - Camberley
It is so pleasant to have a pleasant and cheerful person to help as I am on my own quite a lot
Mrs F - Camberley
I have only been a client since April 2016. I am extremely happy with Gina's company for 1-2 hours a week. We get on well with each other and have a similar sense of humour
Mrs T - Camberley
I find the lady who comes to care for me very cheerful and willing to help if I need assistance
Mrs D - daughter of client in Sunningdale
I feel that the Caregivers assigned to my mother know her needs and I have nothing to worry about. I am confident that they do the very best for my mum
Mrs H - Bracknell
Great carer, no problems!
Mr D - son of client in Bracknell
Friendly and reliable
Mr L - Bagshot
Friendly and helpful
Mr R - husband of client in Sunninghill
Diane was our main Caregiver and she was excellent in every aspect of her job
Miss C - Ascot
Quick replies always and very friendly and efficient
Mrs S - daughter of client in Crowthorne
An exceptional caring service. Where would we be without Home Instead ? Thank you
Mrs H - Sunningdale
Always listen to what I say, personnel staff and office
Mrs A - daughter of client in Camberley
All Caregivers meet my mum's needs and can pre-empt difficulties, and so avoid them. They liaise well with me
Mr P - Camberley
Mum has found both of her Caregivers to be wonderful companions during this period of convalescence - always very courteous, thoughtful and helpful - and great company, too. Please do pass her thanks on to them - and mine, too.
We have both also been very impressed by the organisational efficiency of you and your colleagues; in particular, I think the visit logs are an excellent idea and also very helpful for me to review on my visits.
Our experience with Home Instead has been a pleasure throughout and it is very reassuring to know that such a reliable, flexible and friendly resource is available if we need to call on you again.
Mrs W - Ascot
I think the service is excellent. Any questions I have are dealt with promptly and my mother very much enjoys and appreciates the company of her carers and the help, consideration and support they provide. Thank you.
JP - CAREGiver
D and I met for coffee after my shift at Waitrose this afternoon and both said in our 30 year working life we have never felt as appreciated as we do working for you and the concern shown and thanks given to us by you and everyone in the office. So thank you for giving us such a wonderful 'working experience' !!!
Mr K - Sunningdale
Although my present requirements are fairly limited, I am more than happy with the service I receive from my present carer. In fact she is my best friend!
Mrs I - Camberley
I am delighted with the care I am given. Nothing is too much trouble and work is done with a cheerful and friendly attitude.
Mrs C - Ascot
I have been a client of Home Instead since late October 2014 and I have no complaints whatsoever. The helpers are always punctual and cheerful and will do anything I ask them to do. The boss came to introduce the helpers which was excellent and the person very well chosen. I will continue indefinable with their help. Many thanks p.s - It is so pleasant to have the same helper more or less every time and I feel now she is not really a helper but a dear friend.
Mrs O - Ascot
I cannot recommend Home Instead Bagshot more highly. They have been professional & caring in the service they provide. Maggie & her team have looked after Mum wonderfully - they are so kind, she regards them as friends. Maggie has been excellent at communicating - emails & phone calls to keep me informed of Mums well-being. They have enabled her to still be living at home as the age of 93!
Mrs K - Sunningdale
I have nothing but praise for the quality of service Home Instead provided in the care of my mother at home. You enabled her to remain at home until the end. Many thanks
Gina - CAREGiver
I just want to say what a great company this is to work for.The staff are all friendly and I feel very much part of a team....
Ms S - Camberley
The care and affection my Mum has received from Home Instead staff has been excellent, kind, responsive and able to respond efficiently to particular needs. They have given me a sense of relief knowing I can trust them to deal with any situation. Other residents in the sheltered housing scheme in which my mum lives have told me how nice the staff are to my mum. I can't praise the staff enough. Thank you.

Jacqui - CAREGiver
Very well trained staff. Caring with attention to detail. Go the extra mile.
Courtney - CAREGiver
Well trained with all areas covered, staff are all friendly and willing to give advice and support whenever needed. Flexible hours, lovely clients. the chance to learn new things and get an insight to other's lives.
Nicola - CAREGiver
One of the few companies I am aware of that fundamentally put the client's needs first, with visits a minimum of an hour and the ethos to maintain the person's independence and remaining skills. Clients are 'matched' to carers to promote happy and productive relationships that improve their quality of life and take the pressure of family and friends.
Mr K - Bagshot
I have no hesitation in recommending this company in every respect for the services they provide. The carer assigned to my wife, who is suffering from Vascular Dementia, is a most caring and capable lady who has my total confidence. Her regular visits to our house come as a relief for me, not only for the companionship she provides for my wife, but the additional help of washing and dressing her. My only regret is, I wish I had known about this company and its people much sooner! My vote = 10/10.
Mr T - Sunningdale
We would like to thank Maggie and your company for the care you provided to Mum over the last few months. Particularly I would like to place on record how much we have appreciated Liz's involvement with my mum and for the care and compassion with which she has looked after her over this period.
Mrs B - Sunningdale
I can not even begin to thank you for all your HARD work along with your team. Thank you for all your help and support over the last few months. You have been amazing and very helpful
Mr L - Sunningdale
Your service has been absolutely fantastic and just the reassurance Mum needs. Your whole approach has been fantastic - your help has been extraordinary and beyond what we could have hoped for at such short notice
Mr A - Windlesham
May I say "Thank You" to you all at Home Instead for being so kind and considerate to my aunt. It must have been most difficult for you all as I know how difficult my aunt could be, but you managed her extremely well.
Mr G - Sandhurst
Thank you so much for all your help and support these past few months. You have been marvellous!!
Mrs R, Sunningdale
My family are saddened that we could not keep my mother in her own home because the care she received from the carer was excellent. We certainly appreciated the speed with which you were able to place a carer with my mother. Kind regards.
Mr W - Sunningdale
Please thank everyone on behalf of the family for the marvellous way they looked after mum in the last month of her life. We could not have asked for more.
Mrs M - Sunninghill
I am quite sure we will come back to you for more help in the future and I am so grateful for the friendly and excellent service you have provided. You made it so much more than just a business relationship. I really felt you cared.
Mrs H - Sunningdale
I would like to say a big "Thank You" to the carer who helped me so much. She was marvellous - so efficient and always cheerful and I am going to miss her a lot. It was worth falling over and breaking my wrist!
Mr D - Windlesham, Surrey
In taking on the responsibility for home care, you have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Dealing with the after effects of my mother’s prolonged hospital stay by providing warmth, encouragement, rehabilitation, proper nutrition and emotional support, Home Instead has proved itself to be at the top of the ‘A’ list of care agencies. The personal touch you have all brought to the role is not something money can buy, but seems to me an integral element of your philosophy as a company.I cannot thank you enough and I would recommend Home Instead to any and all potential clients without hesitation.
Mrs H - Daughter of client in Sunningdale
Caring, sensitive people who arrive on time and are very responsive to my mothers needs
Ms D - Daughter of client in Lightwater
Delighted with the care given to my father by Claire. He really enjoys her visits & she is very kind to him
& goes the extra mile to ensure he is OK
Mrs R - Client in Sandhurst
Two years ago I needed a carer twice a day for several months and I felt each carer had my interests at heart. As they were almost the only people I saw, I really looked forward to their visits. Two years on I only have one visit a week from one carer and she is special!