What is live in care?

It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to arranging care for a loved one. Home Instead Ascot live in care client Sue talks through her experience.

As we journey through life, the natural progression of aging can bring about changes that mean we require additional support and care. For many families, caring for an elderly loved one becomes a newfound responsibility, and while the desire to provide care is undeniable.

It can also lead to feelings of stress, guilt, and overwhelming challenges. Home Instead’s live-in care understands the complexities of this transition and offers a compassionate, personalised approach to care that caters to the unique needs of your loved one.

What is Live-In Care?

Live-in care is a form of in-home care that allows seniors to receive round-the-clock support and assistance while remaining in the familiar comfort of their own homes. Unlike traditional care homes, where seniors tend to live in communal settings, live-in care offers a more personalised and one-to-one approach to caregiving. It’s especially useful for those who need assistance with daily tasks, particularly those living with medical conditions such as dementia.

By providing support in the individual’s own home, live-in care not only promotes independence, but also offers peace of mind to both those receiving care and their families, assuring them that their safety and wellbeing will be looked after.

Home Instead’s Exceptional Care

Home Instead has established itself as a leading provider of live-in care services in the UK. Our approach to care is marked by a dedication to tailoring our services to meet the unique needs of each person and their family.

One of the hallmarks of our exceptional care is the emphasis on consultation and collaboration with our clients. Rather than imposing a standardised care plan on them, Home Instead works closely with families to understand their specific requirements, preferences, and challenges. This person-centred approach ensures that the care we provide is customised and focused specifically on supporting your loved one and enhancing their quality of life.

Consultation and Tailored Care

Sue, one of our clients who sought care for her father, shared her experience with us and highlighted the difference our consultation made. Sue initially felt guilty and stressed about her decision to seek care for her father, as she felt like she was letting him down. However, upon meeting with Home Instead, Sue noticed a distinct approach that set us apart from other care agencies.

Home Instead took the time to understand Sue’s and her father’s needs and offered personalised solutions, and Sue was impressed that specific care professionals were recommended by name. Our commitment to tailoring care around Sue and her father’s unique circumstances immediately resonated with her. This collaborative approach alleviated some of Sue’s stress, knowing that her father would be cared for by knowledgeable professionals while allowing her the flexibility to be involved according to her own schedule.

“And you, you were saying “I’ve got this person” by name, “and I think they’d be great with your dad” because you’ve sat there and you chatted away to dad on your own, which I thought was lovely, which nobody else had done.”

The Impact of Dementia and When to Seek Care

Sue’s situation was complicated by her father’s early-stage dementia; the sudden loss of her mother sent her father’s Alzheimer’s on a rapid decline. Sue realised the importance of seeking care earlier in the journey, as she was already feeling overwhelmed and her father’s wellbeing was at stake. A friend who had gone through a similar experience advised Sue to “stay ahead of the curve” and make arrangements before the need becomes urgent. This advice resonated with Sue, who regretted not seeking care earlier due to stress, lack of knowledge, and the challenges of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Finding the right time to look for help can be challenging, especially when the responsibility falls on family members who have promised to care for their loved ones. Sue acknowledged the guilt that often accompanies the decision, particularly for spouses, but emphasised that any thoughts or concerns about needing care should prompt you to start exploring your options.

“I would say to anybody thinking about “do I need care?”…or “do I need help with care?”, the very fact it’s popped into your head means that you do, and that you should at least start making enquiries.”

Home Instead, understanding the emotional journey of caregivers, offers a supportive and non-pressuring approach, giving you the freedom to make informed decisions about care at your own pace. Our presence and willingness to assist, even before you make any commitments, provide reassurance to those contemplating the need for care.

The Process of Putting Care in Place

Sue’s experience with finding the right care for her father exemplifies the challenges many families face when navigating the complexities of elderly care. The process of putting care in place can be overwhelming and emotionally taxing. However, Home Instead offers a unique approach that focuses on personalised care tailored to the individual’s needs. Sue appreciated our commitment to getting to know her and her father on a personal level, taking into account their unique circumstances and preferences. This approach provided Sue with the reassurance and peace of mind she desperately needed during this difficult time.

“I needed consultation and I needed someone to work with me and make me feel like it was going to be the way I wanted actually…because I know my dad. You don’t. And that made a huge difference.”

Home Instead’s in-depth consultation and collaboration with Sue set us apart from other care agencies she spoke to. Instead of merely dictating how things would be done, we worked with Sue to find the best solution for her father’s situation. She told us that this made a significant difference to their care journey, as it allowed Sue to feel heard and valued in the decision-making process. She found the perfect match for her father in the care staff, and felt comfortable speaking up if not. Our tailored care plan provided relief to Sue, knowing that her father was in capable hands, which alleviated her stress and enabled her to focus on being a supportive daughter.

How to Fund Care

One of the significant concerns for families seeking live-in care is how to fund the service adequately. Sue’s experience sheds light on the financial aspects of care provision and the potential resources available. Home Instead recognises the financial burden that care costs can place on families, and seeks to offer guidance and support in finding financial assistance where possible.

Sue found that government support, like Surrey County Council’s adult care section, can be helpful in assessing funding eligibility. They considered her father’s available assets and helped cover a portion of the care costs. Sue also explains that she applied for a blue badge and reduced council tax, as well as an additional personal allowance, which provided a supplementary monthly income.

Although funding care remains a challenge for many families, Home Instead are committed to supporting clients in navigating financial options, helping to alleviate some of the burdens associated with live-in care.

The Difference Care Can Make to the Whole Family

Caring for a loved one with dementia can be an emotionally turbulent journey, as Sue candidly shared. The challenges of transitioning from the role of a child to a caregiver can be disheartening, but Home Instead’s approach to caregiving brought hope and positivity to Sue’s experience. The support and care provided by Home Instead not only improved her father’s wellbeing, but also significantly impacted the whole family’s dynamics. With the professional assistance from Home Instead’s dedicated care professionals, Sue was able to focus on being a loving daughter again, strengthening the bond between her and her father.

“My first six months, it went so much easier than I ever thought it was going to go. Like, I thought I was going to hate having somebody that I didn’t know in my dad’s house… And I realised, within like a month, that I had no worries at all, that you had totally assessed the people that you use, and they really like working for you as well.”

The care provided by Home Instead has created a nurturing environment for Sue’s father. Our expertly matched care professionals help him maintain a sense of independence while providing necessary support for his comfort and health. The expert, compassionate, and personalised care relieved Sue of the stress and guilt she initially felt, allowing her to have time for herself, her business, and her family at home.

The care professionals not only care for her father, but also formed meaningful connections with him, and it is wonderful to hear Sue describe how they fill his days with laughter and joy. The positive impact of Home Instead’s care radiated throughout the family, fostering a sense of trust, security, and support during this challenging time.

“And I left the room for sort of 20 minutes and…I could hear him laughing away, and I was like “this is great, you know, it’s really, this is perfect”.”

Home Instead’s live-in care service offers much more than assistance with daily tasks; it provides a lifeline of support, understanding, and compassion for families navigating the complexities of caring for elderly loved ones.