Fun Clubs to Keep Your Elderly Loved One Active in Wokingham

Whether your loved one has physical limitations, is seeking to rekindle a passion, or simply looking to make new friends, there’s a range of clubs to help them stay active.

As a caring family member or friend, you understand the importance of keeping your elderly loved one engaged and active. It’s about more than just exercise; it’s about fostering social connections, mental well-being, and a sense of belonging. We’ve scoured the Wokingham region to find a selection of delightful clubs tailored to the needs and interests of seniors who require care and companionship.

Berkshire Stags Visually Impaired Cricket Club

If your loved one’s sight has deteriorated and they’re still passionate about sports, the Berkshire Stags Visually Impaired Cricket Club is an excellent option. Established in 2010, this inclusive club welcomes both male and female players, so long as they are legally visually impaired or blind. You don’t need prior cricket experience to join, making it accessible to everyone.

The team is composed of individuals with varying degrees of sight loss, and they play visually impaired cricket, which is similar to conventional cricket but adapted for those with visual impairments. The Stags actively participate in Blind Cricket England and Wales leagues and cups, including friendly fixtures against sighted teams using ‘Simspecs’ to simulate visual impairments.

They offer a welcoming and inclusive environment for visually impaired or blind individuals, and welcome carers and family interested in helping out. Their home ground is Binfield Cricket Club, less than 10-minutes’ drive from Wokingham.

Bowmen of Burleigh Archery Club

Looking for an exciting and inclusive activity for your elderly loved one? The Bowmen of Burleigh Archery Club welcomes archers of all levels and ages, offering a relaxed and inviting atmosphere for those interested in target archery, as well as beginner courses and equipment rental options.

The club accommodates compound, recurve, and longbow enthusiasts, and has a history of contributing to the Berkshire County archery team, evening having some international representatives! They also enter senior and junior teams in postal leagues during winter.

While some members compete at tournaments, many simply enjoy recreational archery in a friendly setting. They shoot outdoors year-round at Cantley Park and indoors at Emmbrook Senior School sports hall from November to March.

Woodley Pensioners FC

Woodley Pensioners FC is a lively walking football club in the Wokingham and district area, perfect for your elderly loved one looking to stay active and enjoy the beautiful game. Walking football offers a slower-paced version of the sport, making it accessible even for those with no prior football experience and providing a welcoming atmosphere for men and women of all skill levels.

The club’s focus extends beyond the pitch, prioritising the mental and physical well-being of its members, as well as social connections. They host coffee mornings, lunches at local spots, and participate in charity tournaments. They also have a wing that plays in the Thames Valley Walking Football League for those feeling a bit more competitive!

They organise three friendly club sessions each week, with the first three sessions offered as free tasters for new members. It’s a fantastic way to maintain an active lifestyle, make friends, and bring back the joy of playing the game. Monday and Friday sessions are held at Cantley Park, while Wednesday sessions are held at Farley Hill Primary School, just 10 minutes from Wokingham.

Park 60+ Exercise

Discover Park 60+ Exercise, a vibrant community embracing the Margaret Morris Movement (MMM) to promote holistic physical and social well-being for those aged 60 and above. They’re a dynamic, supportive group, that offers different ways of exercising depending on your loved one’s activity levels.

Classes are spent exercising, learning routines, and having fun keeping their bodies fit and flexible. Long-lasting friendships and support networks are a hallmark of this fantastic community. The 10am session offers an Exercise and Dance class suitable for all abilities, while the 12noon session allows attendees to dance and exercise from the comfort of a chair while focusing on their health and well-being.

Anyone can try a session for free and experience the welcoming and joyful atmosphere at Park 60+ Exercise. It’s an excellent way for your loved one to stay active, both physically and socially. Classes are held every Wednesday at Park United Reformed Church in Reading, an easy drive or bus ride from Wokingham.

Riding for the Disabled

Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) is a remarkable organisation that harnesses the power of horses to enrich the lives of over 17,000 disabled children and adults. With the support of 13,000 dedicated volunteers and qualified coaches, RDA operates in nearly 500 centres across the UK.

It’s a welcoming and inclusive community with no age restrictions, catering to individuals with physical and learning disabilities, and providing a lifeline to therapy, fitness, skill development, and a sense of achievement. Whether your loved one is a beginner or looking to get back in the saddle, RDA offers expert coaching and support tailored to individual needs and therapeutic goals in a safe, enriching environment.

By joining RDA, your loved one can access the joy of horse riding and carriage driving, becoming part of a friendly community that has been a pioneer in disability sports for five decades. The Ravenswood Riding and Driving Group offers riding and driving, tea with a pony, and hippotherapy, and can be found in Crowthorne, just south of Wokingham.

In Wokingham, the possibilities for your elderly loved one to stay active are as diverse as their interests. Whether it’s through sports, dance, or the companionship of our equine friends, there’s a club waiting to welcome them with open arms. So, encourage your loved one to embark on this journey of connection, movement, and joy. Together, you can help them embrace a fulfilling and active chapter in their lives.

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