From Loneliness to Lifeline: Sue's Inspiring Journey with Ascot Home Instead

Making the decision to receive home care can be a big one. Here, we chat to long-time client Sue, who tells us about her experience with Home Instead in Ascot.

Receiving home care can be a life-changing experience for those who desire to maintain their independence while receiving the necessary support.

Sue shares her journey of embracing home care services at Ascot and highlights the positive impact it has had on her life.

Choosing Home Care: A Companion for Independence

Sue is vibrant and lively as we sit together on the sofa. She found herself in a difficult position when her husband died – her family wanted her to move closer to them, while Sue was determined to maintain her independence. So, they opted for an alternative solution: home care services.

The First Steps into Home Care

Sue remembers the conversation she had with her family. “They said ‘well, as long as you have a carer, and we know someone’s coming in every day, and we know you’re alright’”. She’s pleased that they recognised her need for independence, while also being able to give them reassurance that she will be looked after – she laughs as she tells us “I’m all over the place. I’m a live wire!”

Discovering the Whole Package: Comprehensive Home Care Support from Home Instead 

When Sue first embarked on her home care journey in Ascot, she was pleasantly surprised by the level of support she received, for both her practical and emotional needs.

Building Trust and Continuity with Dedicated Care Professionals 

Having supportive and understanding caregivers has been instrumental in Sue’s positive experience with Home Instead. Their willingness to accommodate her needs and assist her in various activities has helped her to feel more confident in her daily life, and having the same care professionals visiting has provided a sense of continuity and built trust.

Enhancing Lifestyle and Companionship with Home Care

One of the best aspects of Sue’s home care journey for her is the freedom it has provided her. With the assistance of her dedicated care professionals, Sue can continue doing the things she loves.

Adapting to Changes with Home Instead Ascot, Camberley, Wokingham

Sue told us that the crunch came when she decided to give up driving, meaning they had to make changes in her support system. Home Instead stepped in seamlessly, ensuring she had transportation for shopping, hospital appointments, and other essential tasks.

Empowering Independence, Not Diminishing It: The Home Care Difference

Sue firmly believes that receiving home care does not diminish one’s independence; on the contrary, it enhances it. She expresses her love and appreciation for the support she receives.

Addressing Concerns and Offering Advice on Home Care

Sue acknowledges the concerns and apprehensions some people may have about receiving home care. When asked what advice she could offer others who might be considering it, she announces “they can come and see me!”

Spreading Awareness: The Positive Impact of Home Instead 

As we finish our interview, she once again extends a heartfelt invitation to anyone looking for information or reassurance, emphasizing that she would be happy to share her experiences.

Sue’s Journey: Home Care, Companionship, and Independence in Ascot

We’re very grateful to Sue for granting us the time for this chat, and we’re overjoyed with the positivity that she feels for the home care she receives in Ascot. Her story shows the importance of finding a reliable and compassionate support system.

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