Ascot Dementia Home Care: How Can it Support Caregivers?

Learn how Dementia home care can support you as a caregiver in helping your loved one live at home and manage their condition safely.

Dementia Home Care: How Can it Support Caregivers in Ascot?

Caring for a loved one with Dementia is emotionally and physically challenging, and caregivers often need support to continue providing the best possible care. This is where home care in Ascot can play a vital role, working alongside local NHS healthcare professionals to deliver a more holistic approach to Dementia care in the area.

Dementia home care support for caregivers works in two ways:

  1. The delivery of a care plan in line with NHS treatment plans, which includes monitoring, sign-posting and actioning home-based therapy and nursing.
  2. The provision of respite services that free time, energy and stress for the caregiver.

So what does that all mean in layperson’s terms.

Let’s talk you through what home care can do for you, what you should expect from Dementia home care providers and what we offer here at Home Instead Ascot, Camberley and Wokingham.

Home Instead care professional using tablet with her client

Physical Support for Caregivers

Home care can provide a broader range of services than traditional NHS-funded social care because we have the time and means. When you look for a Dementia home care provider, you should absolutely expect to see provision in every aspect of your loved one’s daily life. Their provision should be flexible, reliable and considered. You should also expect experienced and trained staff specialising in Dementia management to care for your loved one.

Home Instead offers condition-led specialist Dementia Care services, from Home Care to full-time Live-in Care options. Each service is designed to alleviate your physical burden. Whether you need assistance with meal preparation for your loved one, household chores, or transportation to medical appointments, we can help.

Ascot Clinical Support for Caregivers

When looking for Ascot dementia care specialists, you will also want to find those who can provide dignified clinical care. Depending on the diagnosis, your loved one will have a specific care plan implemented by your healthcare professionals (GPs, District Nurses, Hospital clinical teams, etc.). As the disease progresses, treatments and measures may become more intrusive. You need your home care support to help you remove the stigma associated with more personal nursing.

At Home Instead, our trained and accredited care professionals provide clinical support, whether helping your loved one take their medication on time or designing mind-stimulating activities. We are also there when things progress. So, if you need waking night assistance, colostomy care, care on discharge from the hospital, or even palliative care, we provide a comprehensive and professional service, ensuring your loved one feels confident and secure in our care.

What this offers you, the caregiver, is peace of mind – peace of mind that there’s someone there who knows how to do “x,” someone who understands how to manage things when “y” happens, and how to calm the situation when “z” occurs.

home instead care professional helping a client sit up in bed

Diagnosis Support for Caregivers

Dementia is a complex diagnosis with sometimes difficult-to-understand prognoses. Naturally, you’ll have a bunch of questions about what to expect. But finding answers isn’t always quick and easy, depending on the variation in your loved one’s condition. 

If you have outstanding home care provision, answers are often just a cup of tea away. And that’s where we land. We have supported hundreds of families who have received a Dementia diagnosis and seen many different variants in our time. Supporting you is very much part of how we help you provide better care. We believe this should be the norm for anyone in your situation.

Paperwork and Equipment Support for Caregivers

As we get older, the paperwork really mounts up, doesn’t it? And you can bet we’ve seen a lot of paperwork in our time. So, while home care providers cannot advise you on financial or legal areas, we can help you fill in forms for care funding.

We can also provide details of reputable partners who provide specialist equipment, from riser chairs to personal alarms. Our belief is that your home care provider should be there to step up when you need help and advice, even if that’s referring you to someone who can give you answers quickly.

Emotional Support for Caregivers

No amount of information can prepare you for the emotional fallout of caregiving. Compassion fatigue, as it is known, is something you often don’t even realise you have until it becomes a debilitating problem. So it’s understandable that you’ll need support. That’s why the emotional support provided by top-tier home care providers is so important. It can help you spot the early onset and implement a care plan that works for you and your loved one.

At Home Instead, we see supporting you emotionally as part of our service. And although unwritten, this is as vitally important as our care work. Our caregivers understand the challenges you face and are here to listen and support you, making you feel heard and understood.

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Ascot Respite Support for Caregivers

Many caregivers feel guilty for wanting or needing to take time out. But let’s face it: Caregiving can feel all-consuming at times. It is relentless. And while you desperately don’t want to disappoint anyone, everyone needs a break. In fact, a study published by The National Library of Medicine established links between self-care activities and improved care provision in Dementia care situations, so we need to start normalising caregiver respite.

Home care can provide caregivers with flexible respite care in a much quicker time frame than NHS alternatives (if you have them locally). The options this opens up for you as a caregiver gives you room to continue to pursue your career, look after the kids, recover from your own health issues or even take time out for yourself. No questions asked and no judgement.

Home Instead provides your loved one with a care team, all working in unison to provide a full complement of care options as and when you need them. Familiar and friendly faces support your loved one while you take the necessary time. And if you need longer, well, we’ll arrange cover within your team so Mum or Dad have everything they need.

Dementia Home Care: Caring for Someone with Dementia Can Be Made Easier

Dementia home care is fast becoming a widely provided service among those working in tandem with NHS clinical and social care options. We hope that highlighting the clear benefits it can bring not just to your loved one but also to you as a caregiver has radically opened your view of the options available. 

We believe Dementia home care is a flexible and viable option that helps your loved one live at home for longer while supporting your needs as a caregiver.

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