Coats is more than a day centre

COATS, or Crowthorne Old Age to Teen Society, is a
charity that promotes the welfare of the older
residents of the Crowthorne area

COATS, or Crowthorne Old Age to Teen Society, is a charity that promotes the welfare of elderly residents in Crowthorne and surrounding area. The organization is managed by a committee of trustees and operates the COATS Centre at Pinewood Avenue, Crowthorne.
The COATS Centre provides a variety of services for local older people, including companionship, meals, activities, entertainment, and other services. A long time favourite with clients of the leading Surrey and Berkshire home care provider, Home Instead Ascot.
The organization has a long history of serving the community, dating back to 1966 when it purchased Woodmancote and established the first Centre of its kind in Berkshire. The Centre has since been expanded and renovated to provide a Day Centre, and the organization still maintains its independence today.
The name COATS is an acronym for 'Crowthorne Old Age to Teen Society,' reflecting the organization's origins in the 1960s when young people were encouraged to contribute to the community by helping the elderly. Today, young people continue to be involved in the organization through volunteer work at the COATS Charity Shop and the Centre.
The COATS Centre is run by a Manager who is responsible for overseeing all activities at the Centre. The Manager is supported by a team of trained staff, including Care Assistants, a Cook, Assistant Cook, and a Cleaner. In addition to paid staff, the Centre also depends on a dedicated group of volunteers who assist with meal service and entertainment. The Centre is also supported by students from local schools and colleges, who come in to help with games and other activities.
Overall, COATS is an important organization that provides valuable services and support to older members of the community. The organization's name reflects its mission to bring together young and old, and the COATS Centre is a vital resource for senior citizens in the area. For more on COATS visit their website and for more on great home care in the Crowthorne area visit