Brian's Story: Keeping Active With Home Care at Home Instead

After a hospital stay, Brian wanted nothing more than to step into the garden and feel the sun on his face. Here's how Home Instead supported him in meeting that goal.

Brian Has Always Been Active, Until A Recent Stay In Hospital

You only have to spend an afternoon with Brian (aged 90) to know that being fit and active is a very important part of Brian’s life, physically and mentally. He’s run marathons and spent some time on the Irish Hurling (or Camogie) team.

His favourite place to run was back home in the Irish hills. “There’s a real sense of freedom out there”, he’ll tell you.

That drive to remain physically and mentally fit makes Brian a big fan of setting himself challenges. Incremental markers to test his endurance and strength – He once ran a marathon pushing a pram for an extra challenge!

But recently, Brian has been poorly and needed to stay in hospital.

With any extended hospital stay, there’s a risk of body deconditioning, poor sleep and depression, which can have a tangible impact on recovery in older patients. That’s why having the proper care provision when you get home is so important.

Brian Lynch running in the Camberley Half Marathon back in 1994

How Live-in Care and Daily Home Care Support Brian's Recovery

When Brian returned from the hospital, he decided that his next challenge was to build his strength to walk into his garden and feel the sun on his face.

It feels like quite a small challenge, and for those of us who are younger, it could be an easy win. Sadly, for someone of Brian’s age, this can be a big ask—but we weren’t going to let that stop us from helping him. Especially as Brian thrives on physical and mental stimulation.

Meet Kundi, Brian’s Live-in Care professional. Always smiling and full of life, Kundi helps Brian with his daily and nightly needs, encouraging him to be as physically and mentally independent as possible. They are a good match in that respect. Kundi has worked really hard to help keep Brian motivated and focused on making it to the garden in steady steps.

Brian also receives visits from his dedicated Home Care professional, Laura, who supports him with personal care and physio exercises. Laura is trained to recognise and deal with body reconditioning and has been setting Brian milestones to reach during their sessions.

Brian Lynch sitting next to his Care Pro Kundi

Last Week, Brian Made It Into The Garden

Congratulations, Brian. We know how much this means to you. Hearing you made it out to the garden again later the same day only proves how strong you truly are.

You are an inspiration.

And we couldn’t be more proud.

A big thank you also to the team; both Kundi and Laura have been incredibly supportive on Brian’s road to recovery, and to meet this milestone with him is a testament not just to your professionalism but to your compassion.

Brian Lynch and his Care Pro Kundi in the sunshine in the garden

If Your Loved One Needs More Home Help, Try Live-in Care With Home Instead.

Our Care Manager, Lauren went to visit Brian recently to interview him and Brian said, “Once you get past a certain age, you just have to watch rather than take part, but with the encouragement and motivation Home Instead care professionals bring, that doesn’t have to be the case.”

And that’s what we would like to offer your loved one: a care journey that encourages and motivates them to be as mentally and physically independent as possible. To provide not just clinical and domestic care but also companionship. That’s how we thrive in the home we love: staying active and maintaining our sense of self.

Contact us here if your loved one could benefit from a home care team that actively supports their mental and physical needs after a hospital stay.