What is What3Words, why is it useful and how can I access it?

Whats it all about?

What3Words is a fantastic app and website that pinpoints locations using a unique combination of three words. Each trio of words designates a specific 3-foot square area anywhere in the world. This clever functionality allows us to share precise locations, down to the square foot, and navigate to them using Google Maps. It’s brilliant for finding or helping others locate specific rural areas, parks, building entrances, or hard-to-reach places that aren’t well signposted. This makes it an incredibly useful app in emergencies and has helped out caregivers find the exact doorway in a farmyard that is the front door to someone’s flat.

You can use What3Words for:

  • Sharing with Emergency Services
  • Precise Delivery Points
  • In-Vehicle Navigation
  • Saving Useful Locations
  • Listing Your Current Location
  • Sharing Meeting Points
  • Planning Activities: Entrances, Parking Spots, Meeting Points

To get the What3Words app, download it from your phone’s app store or visit the website below. You can also scan the QR code on the website to download the free app directly.


Try finding our office as a practice using What3Words: ///topics.community.inspected.

Click here to find the What3Words QR code