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“I have had three excellent carers over the last ten years. The organisation has been first-rate – cover is always offered; I have every expectation that if I needed more or different care, it would be forthcoming.”

– Monica C (Client)

A smiling elderly woman in a purple jacket holds a cup, clinking it with another cup at an outdoor café with string lights. - Home Instead

“Home Instead have been brilliant in caring for my mum. Always on time cheerful, helpful and good communication between clients, carers and admin staff. Any problems, requests and queries are always dealt with in a timely and professional manner. On behalf of my family and myself thank you.”

– V.S. (Daughter of Client)

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“Home Instead have provided excellent service and has provided reassurance in terms of care enabling family members to plan for themselves. The feedback from my mother-in-law clearly indicates that she looks forward to visits and really misses the service at weekends! All the time Home Instead are looking to offer support in new and different ways to meet the client’s needs.”

– Peter F (Son-in-law of Client)

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“Great caring company with lovely ladies after my mother. We could not have made a better choice. A few even came to my mother’s 100th birthday celebration. Always helpful on the phone when something extra is required. Five star carers.”

– Ken L (Son of Client)

A caregiver in a maroon polo shirt hands vinyl records to an elderly man in a home setting. - Home Instead

“I think the service is excellent! I have never been let down, the carers always come on time with a cheery hello and a cat. They all do what they have been asked to do and complete their time with me happily with good humour and respect. I’m very happy with the service and reliability that Home Instead gives me, giving me the care I need to stay in my home.”

– J L (Client)

An elderly man in a wheelchair and a woman standing beside him smile in a kitchen. A cup is on the table. - Home Instead

“We want to thank the team at Home Instead for providing excellent care for our Mum, the carer is so kind respectful and cheerful. We have been very impressed with the good communication and quick responses to any questions. They provide a very important service at a time of stress and uncertainty. Well done would highly recommend.”

– A O (Daughter of Client)

An elderly woman and younger woman smile while folding clothes together in a warmly lit room. - Home Instead

Very pleased with the services and support. The carers are very good and efficient. The office staff are good and supportive and look after me very well, for which I am grateful. I am happy with everybody.

– M H (Client)

A caregiver in a maroon uniform smiling and talking to an elderly person in a wheelchair in a cozy room. - Home Instead

“We engaged Home Instead (Altrincham & Sale) in July this year to provide care for Mum. From the outset, we have been impressed with all aspects of their approach. Our initial meeting demonstrated the care and attention to Mum’s needs and preferences, the coordinator that we dealt with ensured that they knew as much about Mum as possible.Mum has had a core team of carers who she got to know and trust and this consistency has been really important. Without exception, the carers have been professional, respectful, and caring, being good company for Mum as well as providing care…”

– Christine A (Daughter of Client)

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“In my personal experience in dealing with both carers and management, I have found both to be excellent.”

– Stephen C (Client)

A caregiver interacts with an older adult in a bright, sunlit room with large windows showing greenery outside. - Home Instead

“Home Instead (Altrincham & Sale) has been supporting my mum at home for almost 2 years now after a period of illness and frailty caused by Covid lockdown. They have made such a difference to my mum and she looks forward to seeing her caregivers every day. The care that the caregivers provide is exceptional. Nothing is too much trouble and they will support with everything…”

– Katie F (Daughter of Client)

An elderly woman and a young woman sit on a sofa, smiling and looking at a large open book together. - Home Instead

“We have used Home Instead for over two years; the carers are very varied but all efficient and flexible. The company makes every effort to ensure we are not let down.”

– M T (Husband of Client)

Two men sitting at a table with coffee and muffins, one pointing at a tablet while the other looks on attentively. - Home Instead

“We’re very happy with the care we receive from Home Instead. The carers are all friendly and treat Dad with dignity and respect. I’m thankful that the service has relieved me of some of the burden of care and allowed me to pursue many of my regular evening activities safe in the knowledge that Dad’s being well looked after.”

– J C (Son of Client)

A smiling woman stands behind a cheerful elderly man in a wheelchair outdoors, with buildings and greenery in the background. - Home Instead

“Home Instead carers are extremely professional, very friendly and always helpful.

They are not only concerned with the care of the client but also of any other family members that may be around. Offering to make them a cup of tea. If there have been any queries for extra hours then they have made every effort to accommodate.

All through the pandemic, their care was exceptional and very safe.”

– Pat R (Daughter of Client)

A caregiver helps an elderly man in a wheelchair button his sweater in a cozy room with bookshelves and a lamp. - Home Instead

“All the carers coming to help my husband have been and are kind, caring and very helpful. I had a previous carer provider that weren’t good and not punctual. Home Instead carers have always been punctual and willing in the one hour slot to do everything necessary for us. We’ve built up a real friendship with the 3 carers who regularly come.”

– Eileen N (Wife of Client)

Two women sitting outside, one holding a small dog, smiling, with red brick wall and flowers in the background. - Home Instead

“Home Instead always provide an excellent and efficient service. They are extremely helpful and the staff do all they can to make our father as comfortable as possible. We are very happy with the service they provide.”

– Debbie R (Daughter of Client)

A person assists an elderly man in a wheelchair in a cozy room with a large window, plants, and an armchair. - Home Instead

“Home Instead has provided an invaluable service of caring for my mother during the challenging last 12 months. She is alone, and I live in the USA, and as her only child, I have depended on Home Instead to provide the care my mother has needed, since travel to visit her has not been permitted.

Also during the last 12 months, my mother has lost her short term memory, which has resulted in Home Instead needing to respond quickly as issues that have come up, even outside their scheduled appointment time…”

– Martin O (Son of Client)

Two women sit on a sofa and smile while playing video games in a cozy, bright living room. - Home Instead

“During early summer 2020, isolating because of Covid 19, I could see the deteriorating physical and mental health of my husband and realised it would be wise to start finding some support.

Looking back I’m glad I did, because soon after when he went into serious decline we had already built up a good working relationship with the Home Instead team. They were able to step up the carers visits from once daily to three times daily, and then from one carer to two carers for each visit as he became bedridden and required more specialised care, always very professional and working in full PPE.

Right from the start, everyone was open friendly and helpful looking after him with great kindness and compassion…”

– Teresa B (Wife of Client)

A caregiver in a purple shirt pushes an elderly man in a wheelchair holding a pug, indoor setting with plants and photos. - Home Instead

“I appreciated the rapid deployment of day and night care when my mum’s partner went into hospital unexpectedly. The manager I dealt with was very helpful and efficient which minimised the stress involved. The carers provided were excellent.”

 – Niall E (Son of Client)

An elderly woman with white hair, wearing glasses and a blue cardigan, smiles while talking to a person with dark hair. - Home Instead

“I live in Australia (unable to travel due to covid) and was in a position where I realised my mum was struggling and needed some support urgently. I rang Home Instead and they showed nothing but care and concern with a can-do approach to getting the help and support that my mum required. In fact, they were able to get a carer to my mum that day, and have since adjusted the support to provide night cover. The manager has been absolutely outstanding and has made a stressful time easier with her reassurance and actions…”

– Romy L (Daughter of Client)

Elderly woman smiling and playing with a small dog on a couch, surrounded by plants and a chessboard on the table. - Home Instead

“Very good consistent support provided. From initial assessment to support, support needs were identified with a good rapport and trust established with mum. Provide comprehensive and bespoke support on a regular basis. Invaluable in enabling mum to stay at home. Very good communication, which has helped address and support mum’s changing needs. Impressed with the consistent quality of the 2 caregivers and what they both manage to achieve within the hour allocated. They both strike the right balance between companionship and tasks. Both caregivers demonstrate very good empathy, patience and understanding with mum.”

– Ashley N (Son of Client)

Two women smiling and folding laundry together, one younger in a blue shirt and one older with white hair. - Home Instead

“My mum is very lonely (lives alone and both myself and my brother work in the day), so companionship care was highly recommended by a friend. Only had the Dec to present twice a week and the person whom my mum sees is absolutely amazing.

My mum really looks forward to her visits. Which hopefully when it warms up and lockdown eases, she will definitely want to increase. The lady was off for a few weeks and the lady sent in her place was equally as friendly and mum enjoyed her visits too. Thank you so much.”

– Debbie L (Daughter of Client)

An elderly woman in a purple sweater talks with a seated woman in an office, beneath a lamp and framed wall art. - Home Instead

“Home Instead have provided at home care to Dad for around 4 years, with care visits increasing as his needs have changed. All Dad’s carers have been and continue to be superb, striking the right (and challenging) balance between professional care support and friendly help and companionship. Dad loves his regular visits from all his ‘ladies’ and they seem to enjoy visiting him in return. Most importantly this means we know that Dad is very well looked after and cared for during his visits and if anything should be amiss or need resolving we know they would raise this or escalate as necessary which gives us enormous peace of mind…”

– John T (Son of Client)

Two people sit on a circular bench around a tree, laughing and enjoying a conversation in a park. - Home Instead

“Mum has had companionship visits from Home Instead about 2 years now, but as a result of her increasing needs, I recently had to ask for more help. I was very impressed by Home Instead’s responsiveness and the conscientious way in which both caregivers have supported mum. I feel very reassured by the care we have received.”

– Susan R (Daughter of Client)

Two women, one elderly and one younger, smiling and waving at a smartphone while sitting together in a cozy room. - Home Instead

“Home Instead (Altrincham & Sale) have responded quickly and acted with empathy and consideration for my family during a particularly difficult period. This started with minimal support for my dad for a couple of hours a week, but after the unexpected death of my mum the requirement for additional care was needed quickly and Home Instead were able to provide more hours at very short notice. Unfortunately, my dad cannot now live on his own, and now has a live-in caregiver who was sourced, again, at very short notice. I only have good feedback for the company, their ability to respond quickly, and the quality and understanding of our needs from all the staff.”

– Andrew W M (Son of Client)

Woman in red coat pushing an elderly man in a wheelchair, both smiling, surrounded by bushes with pink flowers. - Home Instead

“We have been delighted with the professionalism of this homecare provider. My mother in law was very reluctant to start with care but felt much more relaxed when she met the business owner and understood she could have the same carer for the same time period every Friday. She loved the fact that we were asked to provide a brief summary of her life to try to get a good carer match and this turned out to be the case. She wanted a good listener and her carer fits this brief brilliantly!”

– Rachel M (Daughter-in-law of Client)

Four people enjoying time in a garden. A child and two women interact with an elderly woman sitting near plants. - Home Instead

“We have been very happy with the care given, making our life so much easier.

My wife cares for me and the home care gives excellent help each day with jobs in the house making it easier for us to go out in the afternoon for leisure, which we would otherwise not be able to do.”

– Robert G (Client)

Elderly man sitting in a wheelchair, smiling, with a cozy, decorated room in the background. - Home Instead

“Just to say a big thank you to the Home Instead Team in providing such attentive care and also for the kindness, which was shown to my late mum, over these past two years. Communication was excellent and carers would update me regularly with their concerns if my mum was having a bad day/condition worsened. The online portal to view the carers comments at each visit was a welcome update to the service and provided me with valuable insight on how she was daily…”

– Elizabeth S (Daughter of Client)

Two people sitting at a table in conversation, each holding a cup of tea or coffee, with a bright indoor setting. - Home Instead

“As a family, we are very impressed with both the care and the management staff of Home Instead (Altrincham). They combine compassionate care with rigorous standards in the areas of communication, health and safety, finance and training.

It is obvious that the organisation values its staff as well as it values its clients and this teamwork ensures that they provide an efficient and very caring service.”

– Lynn J (Daughter-in-law of Client)

Man in a maroon sweater and glasses chopping vegetables in a kitchen, wearing an ID badge and smiling. - Home Instead

“A crucial benefit of the service is its ability to respond to changing requirements in the nature and length of care required. All the people involved in arranging and delivering the service have been caring, courteous and keen to find ways to improve the provision.”

– Ian R (Son of Client)

A caregiver in a purple shirt smiles while sitting beside an elderly man in a wheelchair, who is also smiling. - Home Instead

“Home Instead have aided me with my independence despite my disability. The service is fantastic, very reliable and the best care company I have used within Trafford. My care plan was very clearly set out, regarding my epilepsy and my carer adds to my quality of life, as she is so well matched to my needs.

My weekly shopping trips are now fun and I couldn’t ask for anything more from the company. Friendly staff, a very individually focused service and reliability…”

– Kate O (Client)

Two women sit on a sofa and smile while playing video games in a cozy, bright living room. - Home Instead