Transformative Care: A Journey from Hourly Support to Live-in Comfort

Discover stories of transformative care, from hourly support to comforting live-in assistance, at Home Instead Altrincham, Sale, and Wythenshawe.

Our client's care journey with Home Instead is truly inspiring

After a stroke left him needing support at home and with family abroad, he found solace in our care. Despite initial reluctance, to accept care at home our client relaxed the most in the comfortable of his personal space.

Initially, our client only needed minimal support, one hour calls for food preparation and medication but as his health needs grew, so did our care. Shani moved in as his Live-in Care Professional and became his lifeline. They clicked instantly, and Shani’s dedication has been remarkable. From cooking delicious meals to organizing outings and appointments, Shani goes above and beyond. Under Shani’s care, our client has thrived. He has gained confidence, structure, and joy in his daily life. Even with dementia, Shani’s support has been transformative, bringing back a sense of normality.

Our client’s progress is evident to all who know him. With a structured routine and personalised care, he is thriving like never before. From outings to the beautician to simple pleasures like enjoying a film, every moment is cherished.

Our client’s story is a testament to the power of compassionate and tailored care at home. At Home Instead Altrincham, Sale, and Wythenshawe, we’re proud to be a part of his remarkable journey.

Investing in live-in support from a dedicated Care Professional like Shani
  1. How does Home Instead’s care adapt to the changing needs of clients, such as those with dementia?
    • Home Instead’s care is designed to evolve with our clients’ needs. For example, our client initially required minimal support, but as his health needs grew, we were able to provide more comprehensive care, including live-in support from a dedicated Care Professional like Shani. This tailored approach ensures that our clients receive the support they need at every stage of their journey, even as their needs change over time.
  2. How quickly can Home Instead transition from hourly care to live-in care for clients in need?
    • Home Instead understands the urgency of meeting our clients’ evolving care needs. With our flexible approach, we can swiftly transition from hourly care to live-in care with in 24hrs when necessary. In the case of our client, once it became evident that he required more extensive support, Shani seamlessly moved in as his dedicated Live-in Care Professional, providing around-the-clock care and companionship. This rapid response ensures that our clients receive the level of support they require without delay.
  3. What accommodations does a client need to offer a live-in carer, such as Shani, for optimal care provision?
    • When opting for live-in care, clients need to provide certain accommodations to ensure the comfort and well-being of their dedicated Care Professional. This typically includes a private bedroom for the carer to rest, access to WiFi for communication and entertainment, and scheduled breaks to prevent caregiver burnout. These accommodations enable the carer, like Shani, to provide high-quality, uninterrupted care while maintaining their own well-being.

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