Supporting people living with dementia in Altrincham, Sale and Wythenshawe

At Home Instead, we know one-size-fits-all doesn't work. Our customised care plans are tailored to your loved one's lifestyle, routine, and even likes and dislikes.

At Home Instead, we recognise the hardships faced by family caregivers. Our dedicated Care Professionals are here to provide support and expertise, not only for your loved one living with dementia but also to offer guidance and respite for family members.

We work to your timetable fitting in when you need us most, we work alongside many health professionals daily and having local knowledge of the community and groups we can link with this all adds value to the local support we can provide a family.

Here we share some of our top tips:

  • The first 3 rules of dementia care don’t argue, don’t argue and yes you’ve guessed, don’t argue – this is especially important at stressful times.
  • Maintain familiar routines where possible.
  • Changing their environment such as at Christmas time, introduce decorations slowly and use reminiscence.
  • Give time to rest, be quiet and relax – have designated quiet spaces with less stimulation available.
  • If your having people over ask visitors to stagger their arrivals – large groups can be overwhelming and the person living with dementia may find it difficult to engage in conversation – one-to-one chats can be much better (especially if the person has hearing or sight loss too).
  • Keep it simple – provide food and drink that is familiar and in small quantities – lots of food can be visually overwhelming and off-putting.
  • Use music – has some great resources and you can involve the whole family in creating personal playlists.
  • Get outside and go for a walk – there are wildlife spotter sheets available to download 
  • Focus on the positives and what you can do together rather than what you can’t (and don’t make it a memory test e.g. “who am i?” or “can you remember who gave you that gift?”).
  • Look after the carers – check in with those loved ones who are family carers, make sure they aren’t running themselves ragged, make them a cup of tea, offer to sit with the person they look after while they take a break.

For more information about the Dementia Care at Home Instead can offer, speak to our friendly team on 0161 5068245

Whether you are looking for 1-hour a week or live-in care, our team are happy to help. We are the people to help you find a way to enable your loved one enjoy an independent life whilst giving you the peace of mind that you need.

We provide a FREE consultation at your home or here at our office based at The Parflo Building, Huxley Street, Broadheath, Altrincham WA14 5EL.

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