Coping with the death of a loved one

We have supported many individuals and families at this difficult time and understand that everyone copes with the rollercoaster of emotions very differently.

Coping with the death of a loved one, can be devastating. Here at Home Instead Altrincham, Sale and Wythenshawe, we have supported many individuals and families at this difficult time and understand that everyone copes with the rollercoaster of emotions very differently.
Living alone after bereavement

The death of a loved one can be devastating, especially if that person is someone they have built and shared their life with.
Coping with grief is tough at the best of times – and can be more so when people are facing long stretches of time by themselves. Loved ones often find themselves having to get used to a very different way of living. This is what Andrews family experienced.

“Home Instead (Altrincham & Sale) have responded quickly and acted with empathy and consideration for my family during a particularly difficult period. This started with minimal support for my dad for a couple of hours a week, but after the unexpected death of my mum the requirement for additional care was needed quickly and Home Instead were able to provide more hours at very short notice. Unfortunately, my dad cannot now live on his own, and now has a live-in caregiver who was sourced, again, at very short notice. I only have good feedback for the company, their ability to respond quickly, and the quality and understanding of our needs from all the staff.”

There are no set timescales or guidelines about how to create a new life, sometimes people feel under pressure to feel they have to ‘be okay.’ In the short term, the most important thing is to look after the basics – eating well, sleep when you need to sleep, and look to others for support. If in time a new rhythm to life can be found, the bereavement process can be lived through – even if the reality isn’t ideal .

Being able to offer a tailored care package at this time in a person’s life can be such a positive experience. Rachel told us that “My mother in law was very reluctant to start with care but felt much more relaxed when she met the business owner and understood she could have the same carer for the same time period every Friday. She loved the fact that we were asked to provide a brief summary of her life to try to get a good carer match and this turned out to be the case. She wanted a good listener, and her carer fits this brief brilliantly!”

One of our most recent clients simply told us that their needs were now for a Live-in carer to “provide me with reassurance and support plus some personal care. I am currently waking at night but have a waking carer in place to cover this.” This has given her family the comfort that mum is not alone and most importantly our client feels in control of her own requirements.

Other clients have found that rekindling an old hobby has brought unexpected joy, and through our knowledge of all the local groups and clubs (see our Live well, your way magazine) our Care Professionals have been able to help clients re-ignite a passion for singing, bowling, painting, and even yoga. Getting to know our clients personally builds trust and helps the professional bond build, eventually we are able to help support a new positive way to live through bereavement, the positive impact of great care is felt throughout the family. We are so fortunate to see this in action every day.

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If you are interested in bereavement support – Full Circle Funerals have an online group on the 1st Wednesday of the month.
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