Breaking the Silence: Supporting Dementia Awareness in the South Asian Community

Explore dementia awareness within the South Asian community, alongside resources provided by Home Instead and Sahara Alzheimer's Society, aimed at enhancing quality of life.

Breaking the Silence: Supporting Dementia Awareness in the South Asian Communit

At our recent Care Professional conference, we were fortunate to hear Robana address the unique challenges that Asian families encounter when caring for loved ones with memory loss.

Dementia remains a sensitive topic within the Asian community, yet services like Sahara at Alzheimers Society are tirelessly working to shift this perception. Sahara’s mission is to offer support and diagnose dementia within Asian families.

A significant revelation is the absence of a word for dementia in Urdu. Sahara, meaning ‘support’ in Urdu, is the name of the Alzheimers Society service catering to South Asian individuals affected by dementia in Greater Manchester. Symptoms may be misconstrued as being ‘possessed’ or ‘mental illness’, exacerbating stigma and social exclusion.

Robana and her team confront difficult questions, such as why mental health, dementia, and alcoholism are often taboo subjects within families. They delve into the origins of shame and stigma surrounding these issues, striving to dismantle barriers to acceptance and support.

It’s imperative for families to seek professional assistance and engage in open dialogue about their concerns. Organisations like ours and the Alzheimer’s Society can provide guidance for planning a positive future with dementia, challenging misconceptions, and improving quality of life.

For support and information, contact Sahara Alzheimer’s Society’s helpline at 0161 470 6048 (offering support in Urdu, Punjabi, and Hindi), or email them at [email protected]. They can arrange an interpreter to assist in your language. For a comprehensive list of supported languages, visit the Alzheimer’s Society Languages page.

Robana from Sahara Services Alzheimers Society with Home instead

As a leading care provider in Altrincham, Sale, and Wythenshawe, Home Instead is committed to assisting those affected by dementia. We’ve developed a FREE resource outlining support groups and activities for individuals living with dementia and their families: Dementia Action Special WoW Guide. Please feel free to call us at 0161 506 8307 for in-home care support and referrals to other organisations. If possible, drop by our Talk Care Tuesday event for a face-to-face chat in a relaxed setting.

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