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Explore the many benefits of home care services over care homes in Altrincham Sale, and Wythenshawe. Home Instead offers personalised care in the comfort of your own home.

Personalised and Familiar Surroundings

The Comfort of Your Own Home

We just wanted to share with you some great things about our home care services, especially if you’re considering options for [loved one]. Staying in their own home offers so many benefits!

First off, the comfort of home can’t be beaten. Being surrounded by familiar belongings and in a known environment can do wonders for emotional well-being. It’s like a daily dose of comfort and continuity, making everything feel safer and more personal.

Staying at home means [loved one] can keep their treasured items close by, which brings back positive memories and keeps them feeling grounded. Plus, they can keep up with their usual routines without the stress of moving somewhere new.

There’s also the huge advantage of being in a familiar setting. It helps reduce anxiety and supports memory, especially if they’re dealing with any cognitive issues. Plus, they get to stay in their community, close to friends and neighbors, which is so important for staying socially active.

On top of that, home care services offer really personalised care plans. This means [loved one] gets exactly what they need, when they need it. The care is flexible, adapting to their schedule and preferences, ensuring they’re comfortable and happy.

Every detail is tailored just for them, from the initial assessment to the ongoing care. They get one-to-one attention from dedicated care professionals who really understand and respect their unique needs. It’s all about building a trusting relationship and making sure [loved one] feels valued and heard.

So, if you’re thinking about what’s best for [loved one], home care offers the support they need while keeping them in the place they love most. It’s a great way to ensure they’re comfortable, happy, and well-cared for.

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Loved ones to stay happy in their own homes. Whilst Families can relax.

Family Involvement

We work to your families’ requirements:

  • Regular Updates: You’ll get frequent updates on how [loved one] is doing.
  • Inclusive Decision-Making: Your input is valued and included in the care plan.
  • Support and Education: We provide support and information to help you understand the care process better.

Personalised Emergency Responses

  • Immediate Assistance: If there’s an emergency, [loved one] gets help right away.
  • Tailored Protocols: Emergency plans are made just for them, based on their health needs.
  • Family Notification: You’ll always be kept in the loop if anything happens, so you know what’s going on also you have 24/7 Access to the Family Portal showing information and updates anytime, anywhere.

Peace of Mind

Having trusted Care Professionals around really makes a difference. They’re not just caregivers—they become companions who are professional and empathetic. Here’s why you can trust them:

  • Vetted Professionals: Every Care Professional goes through a strict vetting process to ensure they’re qualified and trustworthy enhanced DBS Professional References and personal References.
  • Continuous Training: Our on ongoing training, includes in Dementia Care and End of Life Care, medication, moving and handling updates are timed to stay current with the best care practices.
  • Compassionate Approach: We employ people how genuinely care about [loved one], building warm and understanding relationships. They receive ongoing training to provide the best possible care and experience.

When it comes to safety and peace of mind. Having one-on-one attention is amazing. It’s not just personal, it really helps keep [loved one] safe. Here’s how:

Reduced Risk of Infections

  • Limited Exposure: Being at home (rather than a care home) means less chance of picking up infections from others.
  • Hygiene and Cleanliness: Care Professionals follow strict hygiene rules, keeping everything clean and healthy, we still wear personal protection (masks, gloves & apron) for Personal Care.
  • Personalised Health Monitoring: Having the same team of Care Professionals means they notice the smallest differences in the character, health of your [loved one] check-ins with  doctor or health care professional that we are working with to help catch any health issues early, so they can be dealt with quickly.

Holistic Wellbeing

Emotional and Physical Well-Being

At Home Instead, we believe in nurturing both emotional and physical health to ensure a fulfilling life for your loved ones. Here’s how we do it:

Emotional Stability

Maintaining Routines: We help maintain familiar routines to provide comfort and security, reducing anxiety and fostering a sense of autonomy and dignity.

Companion Care: Our Care Professionals provide companionship through social interactions and shared activities, like walks and board games, building bonds of friendship and trust. For instance, Kathy, one of our live-in care professionals, takes Martin on daily walks, helping him relive happy memories from his youth.

Emotional Support: We offer a listening ear and understanding, providing comfort during times of emotional distress.

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Physical Health

Personalised Fitness Plans: We create fitness plans tailored to individual abilities and preferences. This includes initial assessments to ensure safety and regular progress monitoring. We take clients on local walks or trips to memory clubs, always prioritising safety.

Nutritional Guidance: We provide personalised diet plans that are nutritious and cater to personal tastes, along with nutritional education to make informed food choices. Our Care Professionals also assist with meal preparation to ensure meals are healthy and delicious.

Conclusion: Home Instead is dedicated to creating a harmonious balance of emotional and physical well-being for your loved ones, ensuring they live enriched and happy lives.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Quality and Affordable Care

At Home Instead, we provide top-quality care that’s also budget-friendly. Here’s how we ensure you get the best value:

Customised Packages

We tailor our care packages to fit different needs and budgets, making it easy to start with a few hours a week and build up as needed. For example, starting with two 2-hour visits a week can cost around £130, giving you flexibility and peace of mind.

Budget-Friendly Options

Tailored Plans: We create plans that fit your specific needs, so you only pay for what you use. Flexible Hours: Adjust your care hours as needed with two weeks’ notice. Transparent Pricing: Our hourly rate is £34, and we clearly explain all costs upfront.

Avoiding Hidden Costs

We keep everything clear and straightforward, ensuring no unexpected charges. Our rates are £38 per hour for under 4 hours a week and £32 per hour for over 4 hours a week. Live-in care starts at £1,700 a week, with additional setup charges for one-off care packages.

Clear Contracts: All contracts are transparent and easy to understand. Inclusive Packages: Our packages cover all necessary services, avoiding extra fees. Guidance and Consultation: We help you choose the best, most cost-effective package for your needs.

Value for Money

We make sure every penny you spend goes towards high-quality care and support.

Comprehensive Care: We cover all aspects of your loved one’s wellbeing with our expert Care Professionals, reducing the need for additional services. Quality Services: Our trained staff deliver top-notch care, with regular quality checks to ensure satisfaction and positive outcomes.


Home Instead offers affordable, high-quality care with customised packages that provide real value for money, ensuring your loved one receives the best care possible without breaking the bank.

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