A Real Alternative to Residential Care

Over the last few years Laura, our Registered Manager, has seen the demand for live-in care has significantly risen and we have expanded our services to reflect this.

Why choose live-in care?
As your loved one gets older, there may come a time when they need full time ‘round-the-clock’ care.  Home safety can become a serious concern when someone is no longer stable on their feet, with the risks of falling and potential injuries. Conditions such as dementia also make it difficult for someone to live independently, remembering meals and medications, and getting around on their own. This situation can quickly evolve to a point where family, friends and part-time carers cannot cope with the escalating care needs. In these circumstances live-in care can be a valid alternative to moving into a care home, allowing your loved one to be cared for in the familiar surroundings of their own home where they feel happy and comfortable.

Live-in care is also a good option for those families who require overnight carerespite care or support with hospital recovery for their loved one.

Why choose live-in care with Home Instead?
Our live-in Care Professionals stay with their client 24 hours a day providing one-to-one support tailored to the client’s needs and routines including personal care, home help and companionship as required. This flexible and highly personalisedcare provides assurance that a loved one is safe and happy in their own home.

We match our live-in Care Professionals to the client taking into account their ability to deliver on the individual’s care needs, as well as whether the two personalities fit.

You can also be assured that all our live-in Care Professionals;

  • Complete a 3-day intensive in-house training course and complete the Care Certificate qualification.
  • Have a full DBS check and 4 references.
  • Are locally sourced with a good knowledge of the local area.
  • Are supported by an experienced office team with ongoing reviews and with an on-call system in place.
  • COVID-safe, with PPE and infection control procedures exceeding Government requirements.

    We at Home Instead Altrincham, Sale & Wythenshawe are very proud of our ability to offer outstanding live-in care and like to think that we provide a service that is the next best thing to family.

Considering Live-in Care? What are the next steps?
We understand how hard navigating the care system can be – where to begin, how to evaluate your options, what support is available, from whom and how to access it. Laura and the team at Home Instead can provide practical advice, support and help to find the right services and products to assist your care and improve you and your loved ones wellbeing. You will find Laura’s extensive knowledge can be invaluable to your care research.

Contact us online and request a call back or Call directly to book a FREE consultation with Laura on 0161 506 8305