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Ageing is often equated with a lack of mental and physical agility. We’re committed to helping older adults to remain healthy for as long as possible.

Ageing well

For older adults, staying as healthy as they can is vital. At Home Instead, we draw on decades of experience to help older people to live a life that’s as full, healthy and independent as possible. We’ve developed a range of ideas, hints and helpful advice that will enable us – and you – to ensure that your elderly relatives or friends remain active and happy in their own homes.

Indeed, this is a core part of our mission – helping older adults to be able to stay in their homes whilst receiving high-quality, specialist care that’s tailored to their individual needs.

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How can older adults keep their minds active?

There are many ways to help older people to stay mentally alert. One particular approach that we find helpful is mindfulness – a technique that helps people to live in the moment and be more aware, yet also to cultivate a kinder and calmer attitude. When it comes to stimulation, simple things like crosswords and puzzles can be both enjoyable and challenging. Similarly, an older adult may be interested in taking up a new skill or hobby. 

elderly health

Keeping yourself active 

Although people slow down as they grow older, that doesn’t always mean they have to stop being active. Indeed, it’s in their interest to stay active as long as possible. There are many ways in which this can be achieved, depending on their personal circumstances and abilities. For those who are less mobile, there are sitting exercises or gentle work-outs – and even singing along to their favourite records can help to keep their lungs working and their hearts and minds happier.

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