Three Historical Outings in Aberdeen

Are you wondering where in Aberdeen, Scotland is full of history? Are you planning a trip with a senior to explore historic venues in the city? We're here to help.

Aberdeen, Scotland is rich with culture, history and beautiful scenery. If youre looking for a destination in Scotland to explore history, Aberdeen is the perfect spot. Here are just three of the historical outings that anyone visiting Aberdeen should check out.

Aberdeen Maritime Museum

First, no trip to Aberdeen would be complete without a visit to the citys crowning jewel, the Aberdeen Maritime Museum. This fully interactive museum offers visitors an insight into the citys thriving fishing industry, whaling history, and detailed displays of ships that have sailed the seas over centuries. Visitors to the museum also have the chance to explore theProvost Ross House, a reconstruction of a 19th-century maritime building, and take a ride on the vintage Weddell Sea boat.

Aberdeen's Cathedrals

Second on our list are the citys two cathedrals, both incredibly steeped in history. St. Machars Cathedral is almost 1000 years old, built on the site of a 6th century Celtic Church. Its not a building to be missed, whether youre a history, architecture or religious enthusiast. Aberdeens second cathedral is much newer, completed in todays form by 1861. Its still brimming with historical information on the city and the buildings impressive architecture.

Balmoral Castle

Our third recommended outing in Aberdeen visits the citys remarkable royal links.Perhaps the best known castle in Aberdeen is Balmoral Castle, which is the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II. This castle is full of grandeur and steeped in history, having been in the same family since the 1800s. Not only can you explore the grounds and admire the architecture, but you can also take a tour of the rooms, halls, and even the powerful drawing room.

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