Key Benefits of Advocacy Services when looking for Care at Home

Advocacy services play a crucial role in empowering and supporting older people, providing them with a voice and ensuring their rights and well-being are protected.

Here are some key benefits of advocacy services for older individuals:

Ensuring access to resources: Advocacy services help older people navigate complex systems and access essential resources such as healthcare, housing, social services, and financial support. They assist in filling out forms, understanding eligibility criteria, and advocating for fair treatment.

Promoting rights and dignity: Advocates strive to safeguard the rights and dignity of older individuals. They work to prevent abuse, neglect, and exploitation, advocating for respectful and equitable treatment. By raising awareness about elder rights, advocates empower older people to assert their own rights.

Enhancing decision-making capacity: As individuals age, they may face challenges in decision-making due to cognitive decline or physical limitations. Advocacy services provide guidance and support, enabling older people to make informed choices about their healthcare, living arrangements, and financial matters.

Addressing social isolation: Many older people experience loneliness and social isolation, which can have detrimental effects on their mental and physical well-being. Advocacy services offer companionship, social engagement, and connections to community resources, helping to alleviate isolation and improve overall quality of life.

Amplifying voices: Advocates serve as a powerful voice for older individuals who may feel marginalized or overlooked. They represent their interests in policy discussions, community forums, and decision-making processes, ensuring that the perspectives and needs of older people are taken into account.

In summary, advocacy services for older people are essential for promoting their rights, well-being, and inclusion in society. By providing support, guidance, and representation, advocacy services empower older individuals to live with dignity and autonomy.

The team at Advocacy Service Aberdeen have dedicated Older Adult Advocacy Workers can support anyone over 65 with;
Discussing your rights and options.
Explaining things you don’t fully understand.
Getting you information.
Assisting you to write letters.
Assisting you to fill in forms.
Accompanying you to meetings and appointments.

Having staff based at three locations in Aberdeen City;

Willowbank House
Royal Cornhill Hospital
Woodend Hospital

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One of the many benefits of home care for the elderly is that you can spend more time together, helping them to stay happy and healthy. Get in touch to learn more about home care in Aberdeen and how we can help support your family.

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