Driven by our vision

Our vision is a world where ageing adults play and active and inclusive role in society where loneliness and isolation is eradicated through thoughtful, proactive and respectful social activities to empower ageing adults to live happy, healthy, connected and valued lives.

Our mission is to bring joy, connection, happiness, and emotional wellbeing to prevent loneliness and isolation in ageing adults right around the UK.

The importance of 'connections'.

Our aim is to reduce the risk of loneliness and isolation having a negative effect on someone’s wellbeing. Social connections reduce as we age, our children build their own lives away from the family home, our health can diminish along with our mobility and our opportunities to socialise reduce.

By working with local groups, who are best placed in their communities to really know what the local needs are, groups can provide fun and interactive social opportunities to connect.

Activities designed to empower people to stay mentally well, physically active and emotionally connected means everyone that attends a community group benefits. Participants tell us they feel less lonely, have improved or maintained their physical fitness and mobility and also found friendship.

Our Companionship and Tech cafes also provide opportunities for people to develop their digital knowledge and skills enabling them to navigate an ever increasing digital world. This means ageing adults are able to maintain their independence by being able to make their own GP appointments, access local government services, use digital messenger services and do their weekly shopping online.

We want ALL ageing adults to thrive, feel connected and play an active part in their communities.

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We can’t thank you enough for the £250 grant which we will put towards our Christmas Wreath making workshop.

Kelly – Age Well East

We couldn’t continue our work without your generous support. We are so grateful for the support of Home Instead Charities.

Carly – Epping at the Movies