What we do

We exist to keep ageing adults healthy, happy and connected to their communities. Old age is something to be celebrated, and we strive to create a world in which no one is lonely or isolated in their later years.

Healthy Minds

Almost 30% of women over 65 suffer from depression. Loneliness is associated with an increased risk of dementia, cardio vascular disease and other age related illnesses. We run, and fund, social activities and clubs across the UK designed to end loneliness and improve mental health. These groups empower older adults to make their own peer support networks, crucial in maintaining positive mental health and wellbeing. Activities include music groups, lunch clubs and craft groups. These provide invaluable opportunities for older adults to support each other through some of life’s challenges, including dementia diagnoses and bereavement; whilst also celebrating the joys of life together.

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What we do

Healthy Bodies

Use it or lose it! Whilst we are living longer, our years spent in good physical health are not keeping up. Groups which we run and fund help to keep older adults mobile, improving and maintaining physical health, of course with some laughs along the way!

What we do

Healthy Brains

Learning new skills can help us to continue to contribute to society, improve our self esteem, and even maintain brain function. At many of our groups, we are showing older adults how to use technology. New technology skills are enabling older adults to stay in touch with loved ones who live remotely, access government health services online, and retain independence later in life when mobility issues may prevent people from leaving the house.

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what we do

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