Together with our volunteers, many of whom are from the Home Instead network, we run community groups to end loneliness in older adults. Activities at our groups include choirs, art therapy clubs and peer support groups for ageing adults across the UK. Many of our cafes include an element of technology to help bridge the digital divide for older adults.

Technology and Companionship Cafes

42% of over 75 year olds never go onto the internet.  All too often the advance of technology in every day lives leaves behind ageing adults who don’t have the skills, knowledge or equipment to be able to take advantage of the life enhancing ‘hacks’ that technology can bring. Simple things like booking a doctor appointment online or paying for parking via an app on a mobile phone can be a barrier for ageing adults.

At our technology and companionship cafes, our trained volunteers empower and guide ageing adults through our increasingly digital world. Activities include:

  • learning how to stay in touch with loved ones through email and smart phone apps such as WhatsApp,
  • reducing the risk of, and advancement, of dementia by using ‘Brain Gym’ apps such as jigsaws, sudoko, wordle and quizzes
  • support around accessing medical appointments and council run services

Our cafes empower people to be more independent, and have confidence in being able to run and manage their own affairs digitally.

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Our Companionship Cafes

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Connecting Loved Ones

‘ My family bought me a smart phone. It was turned off in a drawer for a year. Since coming to this group I have learned how to WhatsApp and now speak to my Grandchildren everyday’

Tech Cafe Participant – East Herts

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