Fundraising ideas for your own event

Whether you are organising an event in memory of a loved one, to honour a Care Professional, or just to get the gang together, here are some ideas!

Sponsored Bike Ride

Putting together a sponsored bike ride to fundraise for Home Instead Charities is the perfect way to combine the joy of cycling with the great cause of supporting isolated elderly adults.  First things first, you need to get people excited to hop on their bikes and join in, whether they’re a biking pro or just like a leisurely ride, everyone’s welcome!

Picking a route with some scenic views or passing by local hotspots adds a fun touch to the journey. It’s all about teaming up with local businesses and people to raise money that can be used to support elderly adults. Why not make it even more fun with costume themes, pit stops for snacks, and a big celebration at the end to bring everyone together.

Spread the word on social media and around town to get as many people involved as possible. Sponsored bike rides aren’t just about staying active, it’s about neighbours coming together to make a difference for isolated elderly adults.

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Sponsored Silence

Hosting a sponsored silence to raise support for Home Instead Charities is a unique and peaceful way to make a difference. Instead of the usual chatter, participants pledge to keep quiet for a set period, turning silence into a powerful statement. Encouraging people of all ages to take part, whether they’re seasoned quiet contemplators or just looking for a new challenge, can get the whole community together.

Adding a fun twist like themed silent activities or sharing quiet moments in a group setting can make the event even more enjoyable. Spread the word through word of mouth and social media to ensure that the silence speaks volumes and attracts a big group on the day.

A sponsored silence not only gives a break from the noise but also turns moments of quiet contemplation into a powerful force for good, with the funds raised helping to end loneliness and isolation in ageing adults.

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Coffee Morning

Hosting a coffee morning to support Home Instead Charities is a warm and inviting way to bring people together for a great cause. It’s a cosy gathering where folks from the community can enjoy a drink, tasty treats, and friendly conversation. Whether you’re a coffee aficionado or just looking for a laid-back morning, everyone is welcome.

Connecting with local businesses for tea and coffee donations and treats adds that extra touch of community support. Encouraging attendees to contribute a small donation in exchange for their drinks and goodies ensures that every sip goes toward helping elderly adults through Home Instead Charities.

Making the morning delightful with comfy seating, maybe some acoustic tunes, and a relaxed atmosphere turns it into a memorable community event. A coffee morning isn’t just about the brew; it’s about neighbours sharing smiles, laughter, and making a meaningful impact for those in need.

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Arts and crafts stall

Organising an arts and crafts stall to support Home Instead Charities is a creative and vibrant way to bring the community together for a good cause. The event will be a lively space filled with handmade treasures, where local artists and crafters can showcase their talents.

Partnering with local artists and businesses for craft supply donations or collaborations can really add a wonderful community spirit. Attendees can explore unique, handmade items, and in exchange for these delightful finds, contribute a donation that goes directly to supporting aging adults through Home Instead Charities.

Spread news of the event through creative networks, social media, and word of mouth and you are sure to get a diverse crowd of art enthusiasts. Of course, an arts and crafts stall isn’t just about the creations, it’s about celebrating local talent, fostering community connections, and making a positive impact for isolated elderly adults.

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Dress Down Day

Picture this: a dress down day extravaganza that’s not just about kicking off those formal shoes but doing it with flair, all to support Home Instead Charities. It’s a day where everyone can ditch the business attire and unleash their inner fashionista or comfy casual guru.

Whether you’re a fashion-forward trendsetter or just love the idea of donning your favourite comfy clothes, everyone’s welcome to join in. In exchange for the freedom to dress down, participants can chip in a donation that goes straight to Home Instead Charities.

Adding a bit of a fun, perhaps with a quirky fashion show or a prize for the most creatively dressed, turns the day into a lively affair. While dress down day is all about shedding the formality and having fun it’s also about raising money for charity to end loneliness and isolation in ageing adults

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