When the memory café Jeannette and her husband used to attend shut down, our charity provided a grant for materials for the group’s online crafting club. Here is Jeanette’s story of how the group brought her and her husband some joy.

I am my husband’s carer as he has dementia. To be a carer is very hard and lonely. I am with my husband every day. Because of his dementia, he no longer speaks to me. He only speaks when he’s spoken to. There’s no conversation. Now he sleeps all the time. We used to go out to places like the garden centre, and have the children round, but now his dementia has got worse because we can’t have visitors or go out.

The virtual crafts group has been amazing. It’s always something to look forward to on a Wednesday evening. It’s just nice to talk to people. We can air our problems. It can be a long week sometimes, and this group makes me know I am not alone. We all learnt to use Zoom, and we have made some wonderful things: painting on wood, felting animals, quilting. My husband likes to get involved with the painting, and he likes to see the things we have made.

It is so kind of people to fundraise for us, I can’t thank them enough.