Milton Keyes are the Champions!

Ever wondered who is the smartest of the Home Instead Franchises? Well, wonder no more, because Milton Keynes have made history by annihilating their competition in our first ever Battle of the Home Instead Offices Quiz.

The Bring Joy quiz was offered out to all offices participating in Challenge 500 to help raise money for vulnerable seniors in 2021. All money raised will support community groups and charities who work hard to support older people from all walks of life.

But come quiz time, the heart felt fuzzies were left in the Zoom waiting room. The MK Marvels brutally toyed with the emotions of the competing offices, fliting on and off the leaders’ board more often than Mariah Carey flits in and out of the top ten at Christmas. The Marvels proved they know how to turn it on when it counts, charging through the finish line with all three podium spots occupied by a Marvel.

Southampton and Maidenhead came in joint second, and York and Shrewsbury joint third.

Money raised through team entry generated almost £250. More donations from third parties wanting to hire the quiz to play at their own convenience has brought the total to almost £580 – not too shabby for a 40 minute lunch break!

A huge thank you goes out to all the players who were able to get involved.