Having smashed their Challenge 500 target in 2020, Ruth Brown, Jayne Kinsella, Diana Williams, Natalia Shvarts and Susana Brooke have decided to keep going and raised over £1000 for our charity! In a joint effort, the team have covered 100 miles by swimming, running, walking and biking, all to bring some joy to seniors in 2021.

Ruth Brown says, “we know things are not only tough for ageing adults right now, but also for our franchise network too. Some of the offices have been hit hard by COVID and haven’t been able to fundraise in the way they wanted. National Office are doing this in the name of the whole Home Instead network.”

Natalia Shvarts shares how it’s the relationship with her gran that motivates her:

“My inspiration and motivation for everything I do in my life has always been my grandmother. Growing up she was always there for us – babysitting me and my sister, taking me to school, to the circus. She attended every school concert or play that I was in. I always said “gran, when you get old I’ll be there for you” but then I left home and my country at the age of 14 and moved to the UK. Since then, and it has been over 23 years now, I have not been able to come good on my promise. Yes, I have gone and visited gran but it is not the same. My gran is now 93 and she is still the ray of sunshine in the lives of those who know her.

Although I cannot be there for my gran, being part of Home Instead means that I can give a little back and do something to help others like my gran. Anything I can do to make a difference in the lives of other older people means that I am able to make good just a little bit on the promise I made 30 years ago.”

On behalf of everyone who national office will support – Thank you!