Home Instead Dudley’s delicious cupcakes raise over £500 for vulnerable seniors this winter.

After getting off to a cracking start, Home Instead Dudley have raised an incredible £1196 for our charity.

With help from the wonderful Lexi, Home Instead Dudley baked cup cakes and made beautiful Christmas craft decorations to sell to their network.

For those of you who are thinking of fundraising for our charity, we have some tips for you. Susan Love, Dudley’s Director of Community Engagement, managed to emerge from a cloud of self-raising flour for just long enough to tell us how you can do it too:

“I pledged to bake £500 cupcakes, and sell them for a pound each. I have been dropping them off safely at the office for collection. Our CAREGivers have overwhelmed me with their generosity in the purchasing of cakes. By regularly sharing on our social media, we have also had donations from all sorts of people – RPNs, community groups, lots of people are happy to donate online and don’t even want the cupcakes! Our local Tesco have also been fantastic. I’ve built a relationship with them and they have donated ingredients for the cupcakes.”

“This has been such a great opportunity to help vulnerable older people, regardless of their financial situation. It’s also great to help those who may not be quite at the stage of life of needing home care yet, but still run the risk of becoming lonely and isolated without the support of a community group. The benefits have run both ways – fundraising has given us genuine reasons to continue to network and connect with our community, even remotely.”

Thank you so much to Susan, Lexi and to everyone who has bought one of these delicious cupcakes. We won’t be asking what baked goods Susan will be celebrating her success with – my guess is anything but cupcakes!