3 Ways to Spot Dementia

Dementia can affect anyone but is very common within elderly people. Here are some ways you can identify dementia.

Dementia is a cognitive disorder that can lead to a progressive and often debilitating decline in mental functioning. As such, its important to be aware of the warning signs of dementia to ensure early detection and intervention. Here are 3 signs that may indicate dementia:

1. Memory Loss: Memory loss is perhaps the most common sign of dementia. In its early stages, this may manifest itself as difficulty recalling recent information such as conversations, appointments or tasks. As the condition progresses, more severe symptoms, such as difficulty recognizing familiar faces or places, may become evident.

2. Difficulty with Reasoning and Problem-Solving: Dementia can also cause difficulty with reasoning and problem-solving, such as difficulty following the plot of a movie or understanding basic instructions. This is due to the impairment of executive function, which involves the ability to plan and strategize.

3. Poor Judgment and Inability to Perform Daily Tasks: Dementia can also lead to changes in judgment, which can be seen in compulsive behaviours, such as spending too much money on unnecessary items or attempts to perform tasks that are beyond cognitive abilities, such as complex recipes. In addition, dementia can cause difficulty performing everyday tasks, such as cooking.

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