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Everyone at Home Instead – whether that’s colleagues, franchise owners, Care Professionals, or clients are treated with dignity and respect. One way we achieve this is by embracing equality, diversity, and inclusivity.

Why do we care about Equality, Diversity & Inclusion?

We don’t just recruit on values, skills, knowledge and experience. Our hiring processes are shaped by policies relating to equality, diversity and equal opportunities. We celebrate our multicultural workforce and client base, and value the range of backgrounds and personalities that enable the business to thrive. Embracing equality and diversity is key to ensuring we will expand the world’s capacity to care, now and in the future.

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How do we support Equality, Diversity & Inclusion?

Our Equality, Diversity and Equal Opportunities policy is one of the most important pledges that everyone at Home Instead signs up to. We continue to educate everyone at National Office and throughout the franchise network on equality and diversity via team discussions, e-learning modules and specific training sessions provided by our external HR provider.

diversity inclusion