Quality Care in Telford, Bridgnorth, Market Drayton & Newport

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Jenny Warren

They say time flies when you're having fun, in that case the last five years have been an absolute blast!

It was six years ago that I started Home Instead with my husband Jason with the overwhelming desire to make a difference to people in a really positive way that made me feel proud about what I do.

Back then it was hard to educate those in the know in the Telford, Newport and Bridgnorth area that there was an alternative to traditional, task focused care delivered as fast as possible. My job then was to go out into the community meeting people, going to exhibitions and doing talks to support groups, helping them understand that care based on Companionship, Trust and Friendship is the way forward and that people and families now had a real choice.

Maintaining or even giving back an individuals independance, and seeing the look on family members faces when they realise that we can help in a meaningful way, that not only will help their loved one but also help support the wider family, in often very dificult circumstances, is wonderful.

What we do isn't hard or complicated, its just about being there when we are needed and doing what we have been asked to do. With no calls less than an hour, your loved one and my CAREGiver have the time to get to know eachother and build a lasting relationship. Many of my CAREGivers are seen as friends by their clients and thier families.

My CAREGivers are an amazing group of people, aged from 21-74, from a wide range of backgrounds and with many different experiences and personalities, they are the lifeblood of Home Instead. Many of my fantastic CAREGivers had no formal or paid experience of care but with the right training and support they have blossomed into experts in supporting their individual clients.

In the last 6 years our repuation, both locally and nationally has grown immensely. Families, individuals and professionals come to us because they want the very best care for their loved one, they are not prepared to compromise on this and neither am I. I firmly believe in giving people the care that they want and deserve. We continue to grow and help many epople in many different areas such as Albrighton, Bridgnorth, Codsall, Market Drayton, Much Wenlock, Newport, Shifnal as well as Telford. Although we are now supporting families across three counties each person continues to receive the same high level of care.

Many of my clients have been diagnosed with dementia or are showing eary signs of dementia. I have experienced first hand the joy that those effected by dementia can continue to experience, and at no time is the expression 'living in the moment' so applicable. With the right support there is no reason why a person with dementia cannot continue to live in their own home, safe and well. My personal aim over the next five years is to raise the profile of supporting those effected by dementia, with both practical and emotional support, so that they can not only live in their own home but can continue to be a part of our community for a long as they wish.

I am so excited about the next 6 years, meeting more wonderful clients, developing more amazing CAREGivers and really changing the face of ageing, particularly for those living with dementia.

Jenny Warren
Home Instead Senior Care
Telford, Bridgnorth, Market Drayton & Newport
Our home in Madeley

l must thank you for the excellent way in which you handled the request to look after my needs over last weekend.

The carer you supplied was absolutely first class! On the Saturday morning, Donna arrived very punctually , having checked with Reception who then took her to my Room.

We just seemed to hit it off ,right away and l was immediately relaxed that she was to attend to my needs. She knew my main requirements and we got on extremely well and she adapted to my routine instantly and l was put even more at ease . Her professionalism and empathy shone through and l did feel very fortunate to have such a lady look after me .

It has been my experience in the past that working together with a carer can take some time to settle in, but Donna has that quality which enables her to get on with the job , without hassle and with real competence . She mastered my body harness at first go and this is unheard of .

Things only got better with the second visit as she took me for breakfast first, before getting me ready . (l have a tendency to 'wear' my food and l wanted to look my best at the Christening ) Donna even mastered my tie to my satisfaction and l was soon ready for the day with virtually no stress, thankfully, as l was already at 50,000ft.

On her third visit , the routine was again calming and after the necessaries were over ,Donna then ensured my luggage was packed correctly and that l was ready for my journey home . If things had not been satisfactory , you would have noted the 'brickbats' and not the 'bouquets' as my family call me the proverbial grumpy old man.

Donna  was, in my eyes, outstanding and l do feel extremely fortunate that she was allocated to me. She must be such a valued member of your team . As l noted earlier your handling of ,initially my daughter-in-law's instructions and subsequently mine was also exemplary . l added a further hour to the times l specified as l did overstep the times , especially on the Sunday as there was the equivalent of two procedures to go through and then on the Monday , as Donna's preparation of my dishevelled luggage was a masterpiece .

- Mr G - Client