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If you would like a free Senior Fraud Toolkit or would like Home Instead Senior Care to deliver a Senior Fraud Awareness talk to a local community group please give us a call on 01978 660423

Our Senior Fraud Awareness CAREGiver training is approved by National Trading Standards the duration is 40 minutes and is delivered for free.

Do you know who's calling you?

Fraudsters try many ways to trick you into disclosing your personal or financial information in order to gain access to your account and steal your money.

Fraudsters pretend to be from your bank, the police or a reputable organisation and will try to gain your trust by giving a convincing reason for the call.

Common telephone scams include the fraudster telling you that:


Fraudulent payments have been identified on your account and you need to provide your security and card reader details to stop the payments.


You can help with an internal fraud investigation by moving your money to a 'safe account'.


There is a problem with your computer, which can be resolved for a fee or by you allowing them remote access to your files and your details.


You're due a refund, and you need to provide your bank account and card details to claim it back.

Protect yourself


Stop and think! - If you feel unsure, do not provide any information and hang up.


Check it was a genuine call, by calling us using a trusted number from the back of your card, your bank statement or from our website.


Always wait 5 minutes before making a call to ensure the line is clear.

Remember the bank, police or other trusted organisations will NEVER:


Ask you for your security code or secure personal information in full.


Ask you for your PIN code or Card Reader codes.


Ask if they can come and collect your card or PIN.


Ask you to move money to a new or 'safe account'.


Senior Fraud Awareness talks have been delivered to the following local groups for free.

WI Eyton

Wi Rhosnesni

Acton Community Centre

Holt Ladies group

Garden Village ladies group

Stoke Group, Wrexham

Marford Luncheon Group

St Giles luncheon Group

Brymbo Luncheon Group

Llay luncheon Group

Llangollen Retired Business group

Wrexham Rotary (Yale)

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