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About Home Instead Wrexham & Flintshire East

Welcome to Home Instead Senior Care Wrexham and Flintshire East. We are proud to offer tailored  packages of care in the home. Home Instead Senior Care have recently been recognised as a TOP 10 Home care provider in Wales by homecare.co.uk from independent reviews.

"I wish to stay home instead."

Those are the words an elderly woman told her son, when the family knew mum needed more help at home and wasn’t coping, they looked at a few homes some good, some bad and had a chat with mum about what she thought, the words that came out of her mouth were “I wish to stay home instead” since that day Home Instead Senior Care was started. A few years later and Home Instead Senior Care Wrexham and Flintshire East are providing those very same values to elderly residents in the Wrexham and Flintshire areas. A service that allows for independence with support, a comprehensive service of meals, washing, dressing, companionship, shopping, ironing, laundry, engagement, appointments. An ethos that says every visit we provide should be at least 1 hour, our Caregivers will not were a uniform (which we believe highlights were vulnerable elderly resident live), continuity of caregiver and all of our caregivers will be introduced.

Please read 3 of our current client stories. 

At Home Instead Senior Care, we pride ourselves on providing relationship led person centred care.

Client Story 1

Elizabeth’s Story.

Elizabeth has lives in a small village just south of Wrexham town, Elizabeth is a retired school teacher having taught for many years at a girls boarding school, Elizabeth had never married and has no children but her cousin who now lives away assists Elizabeth with living at home as she wishes. Myfanwy Williams, Home Instead’s Care Manager arranged to go and see Elizabeth as we really wanted to understand Elizabeth’s needs and the support she required from us.  We visited her at a time that was suitable to both Elizabeth and her cousin.

Elizabeth told Myfanwy that it was important for her to keep her appearance as she had always prided herself in how she looked.   Another area of concern to Elizabeth was that she wanted to feel safe, without the fear of falling, looking after her personal care needs and we assisted her with this in a way in which she was comfortable. Elizabeth also stated that her little dog means the world to her and could we assist in walking and looking after her. Lastly Elizabeth stated that her other enjoyment was walking to the local village shop to pick up the daily telegraph and being able to meet others within the village as it’s important to her to feel part of the community

 As part of our continuous assessment of Elizabeth, we raised concerns that Elizabeth’s memory had deteriorated, so when her cousin next visited he also recognised there was a some confusion in her memory and was able to have the discussion about additional visits of support that Elizabeth may wish for, Elizabeth asked to have an additional visits in place to ensure she has support with medication and to assist her with meals three times a day, this extra visit was provided by the same CAREGivers that she already knew so it was not an upset to Elizabeth

Elizabeth’s cousin has peace of mind knowing Elizabeth’s has CAREGivers going in and is safe. Elizabeth is happy as she always looks immaculate as she always has done, in the winter we walk her dog and if Elizabeth wishes we drive her to the local shop for her newspaper or her caregivers pick up the paper on their way in.

Client Story 2

May’s Story

May is 98 years young, widowed for several years and lives in Acton, Wrexham.  She has lived and worked in Wrexham all her life. During May’s working career she was very much a people’s person and loved her job which involved lots of direct communication with people in the community.   May’s children have moved away but often visit often, they have concerns about leaving mum on her own as they want to know mum is safe, supported and cared for.  Myfanwy Williams Home Instead’s Care Manager went out to visit May, she asked what support would be May wish to have and what she struggled with.

As Home Instead Senior Care tailor make each care plan May highlighted that the following are important to her

‘I used to make a main meal each day at lunch but find it difficult now with the oven and carrying items. I like a snack at night time but feel tired to do both’

‘I like to have a cup of tea and a chat but feel I have nobody to talk to as my family live away and are very busy’

‘I become confused with my medication and miss taking it at times’

‘I want to stay in my own home and have it clean and tidy’.

We looked at the things that are important to May and her family and made a care plan to suit her needs. It was decided that the CAREGivers would visit twice a day around meal times.

May has two main CAREGivers who visit, she has struck up a good relationship. They make a main meal of choice each day and they now know May’s likes and dislikes, at times May will help in the kitchen which keeps her independent and she reminisces about when she cooked meals for her and her husband.  We carried out a review with May who has decided that as she gets on so well with her main caregivers and that she would like help with a shower, this has put families mind at ease due to the falls mum has had previously.

As part of our continuous assessment of May, May now feels that she has new friends who come and visit, in particular she looks forward to the friendly chats and finds out what is still happening out in the community.

Client Story 3,

Jack’s Story

Jack is a 75-year-old man who suffers with COPD, due to his illness he finds it difficult to get out into the community. Jack has a daughter Ann who lives local but works full time and helps care for her own grandchildren. Ann contacted us at Home Instead and we visited her and Jack.

Jack is a chatty gentleman who enjoys the garden, he can name every plant in his and his neighbours gardens and used to have his own allotment where he grew his own vegetables for his wife to cook when she was alive. Jack feels isolated now as he is no longer able to drive and is unable to get into the community on his own.

Myfanwy Williams, Home Instead Care Manager looked at what was important to Jack, firstly his condition meant he struggled to keep the house as he wanted it to be, it was also noted that the dust could aggravate Jack’s condition, So it was arranged that the caregivers would do a little housekeeping to keep on top of the house work and ensure Jack was happy with his home.  Jack also now enjoys going to the garden centre, getting his own food shopping with company and enjoying a cake and coffee in different Wrexham cafes. Ann has peace of mind that she can enjoy time with her Dad when she is free not having to do all his home tasks and shopping.

 Family testimony from a recently bereaved client.

 “Finally, can I thank you on behalf of my brother and family for looking after our Mother at home over the last few months, despite the difficulties she had, it was undoubtedly what she wanted, and I have no doubt that your thoughtful and sensitive service helped immeasurably in her aim to live in her own home for the longest possible time.”

 **Please note, due to client confidentiality we have changed the names and locations of our clients stated in the Client stories

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Continuity of Care, enabling a client to see the same CAREGiver and to enjoy building a relationship and rapport with that person. The team also has the added benefit of providing specialist personal care where needed including Alzheimer’s, dementia, respite care and support.

Longer Call Visits - Our CAREGivers really get to know their clients and have time to meet their overall needs through the wide range of home help services. majority of calls are 1 hour or more in call duration

CAREGiver - Client Introduction- we aim to send the same CAREGiver as often as possible, and we always introduce the CAREGiver before the first visit, Our CAREGivers really do provide relationship lead companionship

No Uniform - We know a lot of our clients do not want the appearance of a health care assistants visiting every day, the no uniform policy helps break down those boundaries.

Call Monitoring - We monitor call duration and arrival times to ensure no visits are cut short and ensure we arrive on time.

Home Instead Senior Care Wrexham and Flintshire East is part of the UK network of over 190 independently owned Home Instead Senior Care offices across Wales, England, Scotland Northern Ireland. as well as being part of the much larger Home Instead Senior Care family operating in 14 countries worldwide, making Home Instead Senior Care the worlds largest home care provider in the world.

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 Home Instead Senior Care provided care to my grandmother who required support with feeding and stimulation. The service they provided was excellent and the carer's were all very helpful, caring and treated nan with the utmost compassion and dignity throughout. They were all very polite and helpful and a great support to me and my sister at a difficult time without them nan would have to have been moved on much sooner. Thanks again you deserve a medal.

Mrs L.