Home Care in London Westminster

What you ask of us!  We can give you a long list of the things we can do, but we prefer you to tell us what you want.  Our role is to help you to remain independent in your own home.  Most importantly, we offer people who you'll get along with, so they can help each and every time with ongoing items in your life.

We help around the home with everyday items such as meal preparation, cleaning and tidying, shopping, laundry and ironing.  We also offer personal care, washing, dressing and other help if you're finding it difficult, plus, we'll take you out to your favourite places or even the weekly shop, if that's what you want. 

We can also help with respite visits.

We have a wealth of experience visiting clients with dementia.  This increasingly important area of care is of great interest to us and we have specialist training fror all staff, which has led us to do some outstanding work in this field.  We also offer free Alzheimer's workshops to family carers and communities to extend the knowledge we have to those living with dementai every day.