Just a little note to say a huge thank you to Molly's caregivers especially to Chesnie and Laura for the care, compassion and time spent on Tuesday after she had a fall and Wednesday regarding the hospital and her discharge. To Olivia for your efficiency overnight or late calls if Molly had been discharged on Tuesday evening. It showed your dedication you all have as caregivers. Many thanks. ’’

Pauline - Client's Daughter

My mum looks forward to their visit. They have a laugh. If they have a worry about mum, they contact me. They listen to us and do as we want. They always get back to us and give us ideas to help us cope.

Winifred - Client

Home Instead is a very well run company and understand your need. I would recommend them.

George - Client

My carer is the best carer I could have wished for. Megan has made a big difference. Her visits make life worth living.

Rebecca - client's Daughter

Knowing that mum has caring and genuine people to help take care of her gives me peace of mind. Mum looks forward to seeing the caregivers. Thank you for making such a big difference to both of our lives.

Client's Daughter

I am very happy with the service provided. Especially the efficiency of communication.

Laura - Recruitment & Training

I started working for Home Instead senior care in February 2018 as Recruiter and Trainer. Its safe to say I love my job and I thoroughly enjoy it. The atmosphere in the office and between with the CAREGivers is out of this world. Everyone is so friendly, and always willing to help when stuck in a rut. I enjoy seeing the CAREGivers come in with a smile on their faces all the time. In my eyes I have the best job in the world ever as I get to train the incoming CAREGivers and ensure they fit within our ever growing Home Instead family. The management at Home Instead are so supportive and engaging, again Nisha and Bhavesh are always willing to help out.


It's such a rewarding job, thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you all ☺️

Valerie - Client

"I’m going to be honest with you I didn’t want any help to start with but now I’ve got to know you I really like you and look forward to seeing you."

Cheryl - Client's Daughter

It was good to catch up last week and once again many thanks to you and your team for all your hard working arranging such good care for Mum.

CAREGiver - Safuyah

Thank you for all your hard work and for being a great company to work with.

Eleanor - Client's Daughter

My brother and I are very confident that she was well cared for and, over the last three weeks, that is in no small way thanks to Vicky. Apart from the way she worked so well with Sotina, she was a delightful personality to have in the house during a vulnerable time. We are most grateful.

Sarah - Clients Daughter

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the time and kindness of your CAREGivers, which has allowed them a degree of independence over the last year that they otherwise not have had.

Jennifer - Client's Daughter

I am very grateful for the excellent support you gave my Mum and will always be an advocate of your service.

Eleanor - Client's Daughter

Thank you very much indeed for sending such a gentle and caring person as Vicky.

Sarah and Simon-Client's daughter and son

Thank you for all the fantastic support that you and your staff gave to dad over the last year. It is very comforting to know that he lived happily at home for the last year.

David - Client's son

Hi Nisha

Thank you. It is really helpful to have someone there to help with these issues.

Sarah-Client's Daughter

Hi Nisha,

Thank you once again for all your extra support.

Client's Son

Dear Iska,

Thanks as always for all you do for mum - she always says how much she enjoys your visits.

Helen - Client's Daughter

Hi Nisha and Maxine,

Just wanted to say thanks for all Iska's help last week with the dentist. Mum continues to be very positive about Iska's visits and always says how much she enjoys her company.

Nicky May - Client's Daughter

I would like to thank you all for all you have done. Even in such a short time you have really put Mum back on her feet. You have been very engaged both with Mum and with the family, and your experience, professionalism and good care have been very good to work with and have really made a difference.

Thank you to you all.

Client's Daughter

Thanks for this, and to Iska for all her help with the dentist this week.

Client's Daughter

Mum has been very happy with Iska's visits again this week and really enjoyed their outing to the garden centre on Wednesday. She keeps saying how well they get on, and has generally sounded much brighter - so thank you Iska!

Client's Daughter

Just to let you know mum was delighted with Iska's visit on Wednesday. I spoke to her soon after Iska had left, and she sounded the happiest and liveliest I've heard her in a long time.

Client's Daughter

Many thanks again for all your help, Nisha. We are all greatly relieved that you are there for mum - it's a big weight off our minds, to know there will be regular local help at hand, and I know it will make a big difference to mum's quality of life.

Clients daughter

"Thank you for all you do"

Client's daughter

Please thank Jackie for stepping in last week in the afternoons. Everything went very smoothly! I hear they’ve been playing scrabble which is fantastic.

Client's daughter

Dear Maxine

What a brilliant job you did today. Dad really enjoyed it!

Thank you, Pauline

CAREGiver and elderly lady laughing together in the kitchen
Elderly male drinking tea and chatting with CAREgiver