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There are so many reasons that someone might become a carer. Anyone that cares for someone probably has lots of questions about the care they are giving their loved one as well as the care they should be giving themselves.

We've put together a list of five things you can do to provide your loved one with the best care possible. Remember, having someone to turn to for support when things get difficult is really important. 

1)      Help them feel great about themselves: Some new clothes, makeup or even something as simple as a haircut can really make the difference to someone's self-esteem. You could take your loved one shopping or for a pamper day, that way you'll both have a chance to spend some quality time together while feeling good. 

2)      Remember, Patience is a virtue:  Setting up a care routine that is consistent can take some time. If you stay patient while this happens will make sure this routine can be set up while ensuring that your loved one has the dignity and independence they deserve.

3)      Accept that they have changed:  The person you're caring for is probably quite different to the person you're used to. Coming to terms with this change will help you to stay in the moment, enabling you to provide the best possible care.

4)      Remember to take a break yourself It's really important to have some time to yourself at least a few times a month; it will help you relax, unwind and enable you to provide better quality care – because you will be more refreshed. 

5)      Ask for and accept help: You can't take care of someone else unless you take care of yourself, and caring for someone else alone is very difficult. This is why it's okay to accept help if someone offers it to you.

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