Stress of Caring: 4 Ways To Reduce It

Caring for others can be stressful, take time for yourself!
Caring for others can be stressful, take time for yourself!

Do you sometimes feel drained caring for a loved one or client? Maybe they have had a difficult day and your efforts haven’t worked as you would have liked, or maybe your client or loved one needed some emotional support which has left you feeling vulnerable yourself.

As a CAREGiver you are called upon to be the emotional rock for your loved one or client, but who is there to be your rock?

You probably know that as a carer you should; “take a break” or “put yourself first” but sometimes that is much easier said than done. Self-care can sometimes feel like one more item on a lengthy to-do list.

Home Instead has provided four low cost and little effort ways to reduce the stress of caring for others.

  1. Take a day off – Everyone has low days, clients can sometimes have days where they are more difficult, if caring for a client or loved one has been intense lately, consider taking a day off where getting away from the situation can relieve stress
  2. Sleep – A lack of sleep can leave you feeling frazzled, which reduces your ability to cope with the frustration that sometimes comes with caring for others. If you are sleep deprived, sleep in or go to bed early at every opportunity you get. You deserve the rest.
  3. Fresh Air – Exercising may be the last thing on your mind after a long day however getting some fresh air can restore and energise you in a similar way!
  4. Unplug – Your day may be surrounded by background noise such as; television, telephones, computers, appliance and other devices. This auditory overload can create a stress response from your body. Divulge in some quiet time by unplugging, examples of these could be; driving without the radio on, turning your mobile off, don’t turn the TV on as a false of habit, just sit in a quiet room with no interruptions to relieve stress.

Use these four steps and you will go a long way in reducing your stress and becoming better equipped to continue caring for your loved one or client.

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Call us to find out more about our Part-Time Care Roles!
Call us to find out more about our Part-Time Care Roles!