MyWay Diabetes - Our June 'App of The Month'

Diabetes Week 2021 will be happening from 14th - 20th June, so we thought we’d make our ORCHA recommended ‘App of The Month’ for June;

MyWay Diabetes

Download by using these two links:

App Store:

Google Play:

Developer description:

MyWay diabetes has been designed for people with diabetes as a holistic service to support self-management. Our technology is designed to be user friendly and to encourage users to understand their condition in order to take charge of their health and choices which relate to it.

Components include:

• An open access site with over 200 multimedia resources including several languages and material for health care professionals.

• A suite of accredited eLearning courses which cover the breadth of diabetes care. Accreditation means users are assured of their quality and the NHS teams can code them for reporting purposes

• Access to your primary care data in carefully designed dashboards

The combination of these elements means data are used to personalise the information and education recommendations to users.User surveys show high satisfaction and benefit rates:

• 90% feel it helps them make better use of their consultation

• 88 % feel it helps them manage their diabetes better

• 90% feel it improves their diabetes knowledge

• 89% feel it improves their motivation

• 87% feel it reminds them of things discussed in the consultation

For the NHS this is translated into health improvements which lead to expected cost savings of about £5 for every £1 spent.

Note – this enhances the effectiveness of care interactions, and so is not a replacement for usual care via NHS teams.