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Being a CAREGiver

We have a fantastic team here at Home Instead Reigate and Tandridge and our CareGivers are second to none. If you are at all interested in coming on board but are unsure what it might actually entail then read the comments below from Antonia and Keith. They have both summed up beautifully what life as a CareGiver is like and the impact is has had, not just on the families they support, but on them themselves, 

Antonia writes:

One of my favourite parts of my client visits is often the big smile I get on arriving. I know that some of my clients will have been waiting to see me with pleasurable anticipation- sometimes we are the only face that they see from day to day, and to lift someone's loneliness is very rewarding. Recently I asked a client how she was feeling when I arrived. 'A bit blue', she said, 'But I'm always better 10 minutes after you arrive'. If I can bring a smile to someone's face I know i am doing a good job!

Sometimes I will suggest going somewhere or doing something a client hasn't done, or experienced for years. The other day I took a lady out to enjoy the late spring bluebells on a fairly accessible path which winds through the woods on the top of Reigate Hill. As we arrived in the National Trust car park the heavens opened and a torrential downpour thumped down on the car roof. We looked at each other with a mutual unspoken agreement that there would be a temporary hiatus in walking, although blue sky was clearly visible. 'Let's play 'I Spy' I suggested. My client laughed- 'I haven't played that for years!' We had a hotly contested 10 minutes of 'I Spy' (which she won) until the sun popped out again. She really enjoyed it, frequently laughing at the silliness of it! We then enjoyed a 15 minute stroll through wet bluebells, which smelled gorgeous, before returning to the car and hilltop cafe. After purchasing some tea and cake from the kiosk we settled on wooden benches to drink in the fabulous view and enjoy some chatting about the areas we could see. I remember thinking at the time this was a wonderful job!

And the final note from Keith:

I was delighted to learn of the positive feedback given to me by members of my client's family. It was wonderful to know that my work is truly valued and appreciated by both the client and immediate family.


A fun day out!

The beauty of this service is that you talk to us all of the time. 

Mrs T