Number of people over 100 years old will reach 111,000 by 2037

19 November 2013

According to estimations from the Office of National Statistics it is predicted that the number of people aged over 80 will double by the year 2037, increasing to a total of 6 million.

1 in 12 will be an octogenarian living into their late-80s and a further 111,000 will reach 100 years and older. Indeed, whilst only twenty four 100th birthday congratulatory telegrams were sent out by King George V in 1917, 2,000 were sent out in 1980 and 13,000 last year.

The average lifespan is believed to be increasing as a result of medical improvements, increased wealth, less physically demanding work and generally healthier lifestyles.

Whilst these figures may seem daunting, and they certainly are from an economic point of view, our CEO, Trevor Brocklebank says, “Estimations such as these are a real reminder of the need for us to sort out the care continuum to ensure that we can all enjoy an independent, healthy and fulfilled older age.


“I, for one, am keen to celebrate these figures and at Home Instead we will continue to make a positive impact on the lives of the many elderly people we serve. We will also continue our mission to change the face of ageing so that more and more people can enjoy their later years in their own homes – something that can be achieved with the right support.”