It’s official, Home Instead Senior Care is the best, so says industry commentator

People looking for a care provider for themselves or a loved one all say that quality is their number one consideration by far, with many having concerns about rushed visits and no time to complete basic tasks let alone any time for companionship.  So, where do you turn for an independent assessment of quality? 

Just as an Ofsted report tells you how well a school is performing, CQC is the independent body designed to assess the quality of care providers. But they do not offer any table of comparison. LaingBuisson, healthcare intelligence experts however, produces a quarterly league table which serves as a vital reference point for the care sector, helping people identify the best providers.  

The most recent results have just been published and we are delighted to announce that Home Instead has once again been named as England’s number one homecare provider for seniors. 

We are delighted to say that we have consistently claimed the top spot in the results for a national home care service focused on older age clients. Not only that, our leading score of 96.8 shows that not only are we judged to be the best but we are consistently maintaining a very high standard of care across the country.

 Home Instead CEO Trevor Brocklebank said, “When you’re recognised as being at the top of your game, so to speak, it is absolutely vital to keep your eye on every aspect of the business if we are to maintain that position. Our network of offices across the UK is clearly focussed on quality and we are very proud of everyone. It’s their dedication to caring for elderly people every single day that has earned Home Instead this recognition.”