Home Instead represented at G8 Dementia Summit

12 December 2013

Roger Baumgart, the global CEO of Home Instead, attended yesterday's G8 Summit on Dementia.

Mr Baumgart was called upon to make some comments about Home Instead's innovative care model for Alzheimer's during the afternoon session of the summit.

Home Instead is the world's leading provider of at-home care for older people and was invited to submit comments to the Department of Health as part of their participation in the G8 Summit.

The company focused on three areas in their submission:

Home and Community-Based Care Is an Essential Component- This care is the only affordable and achievable option to meet the inescapable and overwhelming challenge of providing care for those with dementia and Alzheimer's disease.  The critical importance of developing home and community based care rests on the ideas that this care:

  • Is the only possible care alternative which can be quickly developed and rapidly deployed;
  • It is scalable - both in terms of family-delivered care and professionally-delivered care; and,
  • It is sustainable by nature of its affordability, ease of adaptation and potential for rapid adoption. 

Equipping and Supporting Family Carers Is Paramount - As the burden of care shifts to the home, the world must aggressively and relentlessly press forward with strategies to equip and support the family carer. 

Modifications to Public Policy and of the Care Continuum Are Required  - To achieve a reasonable integration of home-based care into the comprehensive care model will require substantive adjustments. Primarily, a new recognition, appreciation and acceptance of the contribution of home-based care (both family-delivered and professionally-delivered) will be required with corresponding and follow-on adjustments to government policy and the administration of the care continuum. These are neither small nor easily achieved corrections, but they are essential if care needs are to be met.

Commenting on his attendance at the G8 Summit, Mr Baumgart said, "Home Instead is committed to changing the face of ageing by leading and participating in global conversations and initiatives that positively impact the lives of ageing adults. This focus aids current and future clients and enables us to meet the demands of the ageing global population for at-home senior care services."